Vanna White was on 'The Price Is Right' before turning letters on 'Wheel of Fortune'

The Price Is Right celebrated its 50th anniversary on Thursday with a two-hour primetime special. It was filled with plenty of vintage montages, classic prizes and, of course, some celebrity pop-ins.

One of those who stopped by was Vanna White, who was actually there to celebrate a previous appearance she made on the show. During one of the video montage celebrating memorable “come on down” moments, it ended with a young White making her way down to Contestants' Row.

The appearance came in 1980, two years before she was hired on the job she currently has, Wheel of Fortune. While she would go on to find her game show fortune eventually with nearly 40 years and icon status under her belt, her time on The Price Is Right was short lived.

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“I didn't win a doggone thing,” White said of her time on the show, adding that she never even made it up onto the stage.

Viewers on Twitter loved seeing White as a past contestant, and really loved the 50-year celebration overall, calling it a “great party.”

While getting onto a game show can be nerve-wracking, it turns out White experienced that on a whole other level when she was trying out to work alongside Pat Sajak on Wheel of Fortune, which she discussed with Price Is Right host, Drew Carey.

“I remember Pat telling me after I got the job he said, ‘I didn't really think you would get the job because you were so nervous,’” White recalled. “But I did. I got it, and 39 years later, we're a great team. We work together, we've never had one argument.”

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