That Time Fox Business’ Larry Kudlow Touted Liz Truss’ ‘Terrific’ Economic Plan, Compared It to Kevin McCarthy’s (Video)

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Larry Kudlow, the Fox Business host and former Director of the National Economic Council under Trump, touted former British Prime Minister Liz Truss’ economic plan less than a month ago, on a clip that has resurfaced, hilariously, thanks to Twitter. (You can watch it below.)

“The U.S. midterm elections cavalry arrived early in London. What do I mean by that?” Kudlow says in the Fox Business clip. “Well, the new British prime minister, Liz Truss, has laid out a terrific supply-side economic growth plan which looks a lot like the basic thrust of Kevin McCarthy’s Commitment to America plan.”

Kudlow continues, heaping praise on Truss for “slashing tax rates and deregulating energy.”

“I just love it,” Kudlow beamed before suggesting that the “liberal business media” was wrong in “trashing her plan.” At the end of the clip (shared by MeidasTouch), Kudlow says, “Truss has it exactly right.”

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Truss, meanwhile, has stepped down after 44 days in office, making her tenure as Prime Minister the shortest in British history. Her economic plan, which would have greatly benefitted England’s wealthy, was upended when the new finance minister reversed nearly all of her planned tax cuts. As The New York Times reported, the move “swept away a free-market fiscal agenda that had plunged the country into economic and political turmoil.” And indeed, the pound’s standing had dropped precipitously. After the announcement of her resignation, the pound climbed slightly.

“While the change brings a firm end to Ms. Truss’s tax-cutting economic agenda, it introduces even more political instability to Britain at a time when households and businesses are grappling with a cost-of-living crisis,” The New York Times reported.

With the “Benny Hill” music cued, conservatives are scrambling to replace Truss, as it appears she didn’t have things “exactly right,” as Kudlow suggested.

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