TikTok users are mystified by this ‘love equation’ that predicts when you’ll meet your soulmate

Don’t worry, it doesn’t take long division to find your soulmate.

Apparently, all it takes is some addition, a little subtraction and knowledge of your parents’ birthdays. That’s at least according to a new “love equation” that has been going viral on TikTok for the past few months.

The equation, which claims to calculate the exact date you’ll meet your soulmate, is leaving some users excited for the future, while others are rightfully dubious of the whole concept.

Basically, the calculation works like this: You take the month and day of your birthday (ex: 07/04) and add that to your mom’s birthday. Then, you subtract your dad’s birthday from that number. The result is allegedly the month and day on which you’ll meet your soulmate.


For the year, you take the number of letters in your name, then subtract the number of vowels (for example, the name “Kevin” would be five letters minus two vowels, so a total of three). You then add that number to the current year, and combine that year with the month and date from your first calculation.

For example, in the TikTok above, user karsynfoys discovers she’ll meet her soulmate on Oct. 3, 2024. Coincidentally, Oct. 3 is known as “Mean Girls Day,” a holiday celebrated for its romantic significance in the 2004 film starring Lindsey Lohan.

If you think this all sounds silly, you’re not alone. Some TikTokers certainly criticized the idea, but others were quick to share their excitement over the day they’ll “finally” meet their soulmate.

“21.9.2022 I HOPE THATS RIGHT OR IM GONNA CRYYY,” one user wrote.

“So uh my brother is getting married on August 14th of 2020 and the date I got is August 14th of 2025 so imma meet my soulmate on the 5th anniversary,” another added.

Many users were quick to point out two crucial flaws in the equation, though, both of which result in completely nonsensical dates.

For one, it’s possible to get a number higher than 12 as your month. Secondly, depending on your dad’s birthdate, you may end up with a negative number for your day (this story’s author, for one, will be looking out for his soulmate on 13/-09/2024).

The equation is clearly meant as a joke, though, and most TikTokers seemed to enjoy giving it a spin regardless of their results. That said, it’s probably not a great idea to bank on this as a replacement for going on actual dates.

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