Texas High School Senior Prank Ends in Vandalism, Causes Thousands in Damages

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A senior prank at a Texas high school went wrong, ending in thousands of dollars in damages to school property.

New York Post reports that the school year has also ended two days early due to the damage. A handful of seniors at Frisco Memorial High School were originally permitted to pull a senior prank, which involved them putting Post-It notes all over the school walls. However, the prank turned into vandalism.

“A group of students from Memorial High School was approved to use ‘post-it’ notes on the walls to decorate and place messages around the campus as part of their senior prank last night,” the school district wrote in a letter to parents. “Staff members were on site to monitor students but the situation devolved rapidly, and the Frisco Police and Fire Departments became involved. A small group of those students vandalized the campus to a point that classes are not able to be held at MHS for the remainder of the week.”

The letter continued, “Damage is estimated in the thousands of dollars and includes paint on the walls, destruction of furniture, discharged fire extinguishers throughout campus and more. Every surface on the 300,000 sq. ft. campus must be cleaned, including the walls, ceilings and floors.” The letter also said that students who took part in the vandalism will have to pay for it.

Staff was present at the school to oversee the prank, but eventually called police and the fire department as the situation escalated. No one was injured. Videos shared on social media show the school covered in toilet paper, fire extinguishers being used, security cameras wrapped in plastic, and more.

The school and police are investigating the incident to determine who was involved. Those students could be hit with criminal charges.

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