Study: Cannabis Customers Visit Dispensaries Roughly Once A Week, Prefer Weekdays

According to recently released Zenreach Walk-Thru data, 60% of cannabis dispensary customers, on average, are first-time visitors. Only 40% are return customers.

Regular customers typically go an average of 7.8 days between visits and they’re more likely to come in on a weekday than over the weekend. They typically spend an average of 20 minutes in the store, which fluctuates to 30 minutes in the morning and 19 minutes in the evening.

Also interesting, about 25% of dispensary customers open their emails. This number rises to 30% for emails with non-promotional subject lines.

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“Cannabis customer data is limited due to the dispensary industry’s short lifespan," Mallinath Biswas, director of business intelligence and analytics at Zenreach told Benzinga. "What we’ve learned so far is that cannabis dispensary customers typically go almost eight days between visits, they prefer their emails to come without promotional subject lines, and they’re more efficient with their purchases after a long day.

"We’ve learned that only 40% are return visitors and customers are more likely to stop by on a weekday rather than over the weekend.”

Biswas said cannabis dispensary owners can use this kind of information to make smarter marketing and inventory decisions, among other things.

“If your customer isn’t responding to ‘flashy’ email subject lines, try sending useful information in your emails like informed wellness articles on cannabis topics and see if your open rates increase. Tie those articles to featured products in-store – the more education people have on the product, the more likely they are to try it," he said.

Photo by Javier Hasse.

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