State Duma member calls for full mobilization in Russia

Russian State Duma
Russian State Duma

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The lawmaker from the ruling United Russia party suggested that a full mobilization be carried out, otherwise Russia would fail to achieve the “goal” of the war in Ukraine.

“We won’t achieve proper results without full mobilization, transfer to military lines, including the economy,” he said.

“Today, society should be consolidated as much as possible and focused on victory.”

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Sheremet said he believes that Russian society is wasting time, and the status of a “special military operation” should be changed long ago.


“And we have to mobilize all our forces,” he said.

“We have to be in solidarity with our guys who are there.”

While Russia is waging full-scale war in Ukraine, it has not officially declared war, which would provide the legal grounds for a full mobilization.

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The Kremlin instead refers to its war on Ukraine as a “special military operation” in order to mask from the Russian public the full extent and purpose of its war.

Russia watchers are of the consensus that a full mobilization in Russia would be very unpopular, and for this reason the Kremlin has held off on declaring one, even as Russia’s military situation in Ukraine has worsened.

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