See All the Bangles, Now in Their 60s

From "Walk Like an Egyptian" to "Eternal Flame" to "Manic Monday", the Bangles were responsible for some of the biggest hits of the 1980s—and some of the best karaoke songs of today. But, while the band reached the height of their popularity nearly 40 years ago, they're still around and still making music today. After taking a hiatus for almost all of the '90s, they reformed at the turn of the century.

That said, there have been some lineup changes when it comes to the band's five members. Throughout the years, the musicians of the Bangles have gone on to work on solo projects and perform with other bands, as well as having new developments in their personal lives. Read on to see the Bangles today.

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First, here's the band's status now.

The Bangles' first lineup consisted of Susanna Hoffs, Debbi Peterson, Vicki Peterson, and Annette Zilinskas. But, not long into the band's existence, Zilinskas left the group and was replaced by Michael "Micki" Steele. Steele remained the bassist for the band during its '80s heyday and when the band reformed in the 1998.


Eventually, Steele left, and the band became a three-person group. After 35 years away from the group, Zilinskas began performing with the Bangles again in 2018 for live shows, according to the band's website.

Susanna Hoffs has also released her own solo music.

Hoffs is the lead singer and guitarist for the Bangles, and she has also put out solo music. She's released four solo albums, including her latest, 2021's Bright Lights, an album of covers. She's also released three other cover albums with musician Matthew Sweet.

Hoffs, 63, is married to movie director Jay Roach (Austin Powers, Bombshell), and they have two children together.

Vicki Peterson has been with several other bands.

The Bangles includes two sisters, Debbi and Vicki Peterson. Vicki, now 64, is the band's lead guitarist. In addition to her work with the Bangles, she's been in the bands Psycho Sisters, Action Skulls, and Continental Drifters.

Vicki is married to musician John Cowsill—who is the brother of her Psycho Sisters collaborator, Susan Cowsill—and through her marriage, has two stepchildren.

Debbi Peterson also spreads her talent around.

Debbi, 60, is the Bangles' drummer. Like her sister, she has also been in other bands. During the Bangles' hiatus, she was in the bands Smashbox and Kindred Spirit, and she has also performed as the drummer for other groups.

She's married to Steve Botting, a sound engineer, and has two kids.

Michael "Micki" Steele was in another famous all-female band.

The Bangles
The Bangles

When Steele replaced Zilinskas as the Bangles' bass player, she had just left another successful band, the Runaways, of which Joan Jett was also a member. Like the other musicians in the Bangles, 66-year-old Steele has performed with other groups, including Eyesore and Crash Wisdom.

Steele joining back up with the Bangles in the late '90s means that she is part of the 2003 album Doll Revolution, but did not record for their most recent album, 2011's Sweetheart of the Sun.

Annette Zilinskas came back to the Bangles after years away.

Zilinskas, 59, rejoined the Bangles in 2018 as their bass player. After leaving the band in the '80s, she joined Blood on the Saddle, and has also been a member of Weather Bell, The Ringing Sisters, and Medicine.

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