What Is 'Revenge Travel' And Why Is It Currently Surging?

Travel is in high demand even though prices are skyrocketing. Airports have become chaotic because airlines are struggling to meet travel demands. Countries are reopening their borders and easing their COVID-19 restrictions.

With the rise in travel, analysts are calling this era ‘revenge travel.’

Allianz Partners, a travel insurance company, analyzed over 40,000 trip itineraries for this summer. They found that Americans traveling to Europe will increase by 600% from 2021 to 2022.


“Maybe 18 months ago, everybody wanted to buy a Peloton because people were still locked up, and now we’re kind of in a different phase of the pandemic, says Steve Trent, a research analyst for Citi.

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So what is revenge travel?

Although there isn’t a formal definition, industry experts are saying revenge travel is an increase in people wanting to travel to make up for experiences and time they lost during the pandemic. 

It’s a way to show that travelers are over COVID and are finding joy through travel again. It’s a way to get revenge on the last two years.

Stay realistic with travel plans

Travel experts suggest waiting until September or October to book your dream vacation. By then the prices would have gone down, there will be fewer crowds and you’ll have more options for where to book accommodations. 

Revenge against COVID-19 is great, but remember that it’s been a rough few years for those working in the travel and hospitality industries. 

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