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Give the win to BYU

After reading the article about the disrespectful chanting from the U of O students I have a question: Would those students have the same chant and disrespect if their parents were sitting beside them?

I certainly hope the answer will be no. I’m sure most of the students were raised with higher values than that. But now that the parents are no longer in the daily picture some students feel that the rules don’t apply to them. I am embarrassed and saddened that BYU saw and heard this type of disrespect from my state. I’ve lived here most of my 67 years and don’t ever recall this type of behavior at any college-level game.

I believe the officials should hand the win to BYU for the unsportsmanlike conduct the Ducks displayed. Maybe that would get their attention. Ray McArthur, Pleasant Hill

'Religious bigotry alive and celebrated'Utah governor decries 'bigotry' after University of Oregon fans' chants at BYU game

No place for religious intolerance

I so enjoyed the BYU game at Autzen with my friends and was happy for a great win for Duck fans. Those handful of Oregon fans who showed their religious intolerance of LDS members with their chant were rude and an embarrassment to the rest of the Oregon sold-out crowd. I hope they realize several Oregon players are LDS and it was an insult to them, too.

I hope they are identified through social media and banned from future games. There is no place here, in Eugene, for religious intolerance of any kind. Cindee Robertson, Eugene

Bouncers wanted

It appears there needs to be babysitters in the student section of UO football games. They should be 6-foot-6-inches or taller and eject the loudmouths. Since the students are involved, the student funds should pay them, not the taxpayers.

I demand an immediate investigation into how elementary students have gotten admitted to the university.

Michael Larkin, Florence

Profane chant:Condemnations issued, but no talk of discipline for UO students' explicit chant at BYU game

Love wolves until they do what they do

There is a need for wolves in nature, just not too many of them.

Oregon wildlife officials confirmed three new ones in the Cascades. This comes with good news and bad news. The only problem is, as soon as one wolf kills a rancher's sheep or cattle, the state will send out the state sniper and shoot and kill it.

John Zacharias, Eugene

From death’s door to discharge

An unexpected emergency stay at Riverbend via the ER, ICU, then a cardiac unit, saw me go from death's door to discharge about a week later.

Of several doctors, many nurses and various other supporting individuals, my care was outstanding and delivered in many compassionate ways. I will forever be grateful.

I even talked to a cab driver who drove a fellow from L.A. to Riverbend because he had heard the hospital was the best on the West Coast, $2,300 fare, and the guy was glad to pay it.

We are so lucky to have such a hospital in our area, with the great caring people who work there. I'm eternally grateful to PeaceHealth Sacred Heart Medical Center at Riverbend with unlimited, unending thanks and gratitude.

Barry C. Smith, Eugene

The America Republicans are proud of?

It is disgusting behavior by Republican office-holders to bus innocent refugees, including mothers and children, to the homes of Democratic leaders, like Kamala Harris, in the north.

This behavior reminds me of the times when slaves were sold and transported in this fashion. These vulnerable families become political pawns for the Trumpists and MAGA people in whipping up their supporters into a frenzy of cruel acts against innocent people.

Does this represent the America that they are proud of? I am doubling my financial contributions to the Democrats.

Munir Katul, Eugene

Vineyard residents give pathetic reasoning

Liberals never disappoint me. Once again, the hypocrisy of the far left stands out like a sore thumb. It took less than 24 hours for the residents of Martha's Vineyard to dispose of the immigrants sent to them courtesy of Florida’s governor, Ron DeSantis. The pathetic reasoning of "we don't have the resources," doesn't hold water, given the fact that the inhabitants of the island are extremely wealthy.

So, off they go to a military base.

Raymond Moreno, Eugene

The colossal joke of liberal hypocrisy

Honestly, do you liberals/progressives have any limits whatsoever to your raging hypocrisy?

Millions of immigrants are coming over our southern border into Texas, Arizona and Florida and it generates one gigantic yawn from the alphabet news outlets and Democrats across the country. Fully half the country couldn't care less how much time, money and energy is spent dealing with this huge number of people who require food, money, shelter, medical aid, etc.

But heaven help us if 50 (about the number of people at a Little League baseball game) show up unannounced in Martha's Vineyard. Your outrage and hypocrisy are a colossal joke.

The term, "out of touch" doesn't even scratch the surface with some people.

Brian Palmer, Eugene

Give students a greater voice

Every few years the University of Oregon must recruit a new president. With the recent resignation of Michael Schill, the process begins again. The Register-Guard reported who will be on the search committee. I was struck by the disproportionately low representation of students.

The university exists to serve about 18,000 students, but only one undergraduate and one graduate student are proposed to be on the committee. On the other hand, there will be five trustees, three vice presidents, five faculty members and several others.

I believe it is students who are the major stakeholders and I suggest that they also be given five positions on the search committee. They are the ones who have the most to lose or win with the policy and administrative decisions made by the UO.

David Piercy, Eugene

Imagine the possibilities of what could have been

Allow me this space to rant about the six years and counting we’ve lost because of No. 45’s shenanigans — all the efforts by legislators, lawyers, judges, reporters and expert witnesses throughout the Mueller Report, two impeachments, the tax and sex scandals, the election denial and Jan. 6 insurrection, and now the stolen classified documents, among other dishonorable and possibly treasonous activities.

The fact that we elected this classic confidence man to deconstruct the administrative state will haunt us for years to come. Imagine if all that time and expertise had been turned loose on, for example, solving the climate emergency — new guidelines and funding for conservation of natural resources, public education, expansion of renewables, clean energy use in the military, environmental restoration, green building codes, bridge repair and seawall construction, vastly improved water management and flood control, coral reef regeneration, sustainable farming and food security, safer and better batteries, fossil-free shipping and transportation and environmental justice, to name a few priorities.

All of us have to go beyond comfort and convenience, pick up the pieces of our democracy and vote like hell for qualified candidates of vision, integrity and experience in the midterms and once again in 2024.

Jack Cooper, Eugene

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