Political analyst urges U.S. to allow Ukraine to bomb Crimean bridge

Crimean bridge
Crimean bridge

“They are trying to make sure that everything is confined to the territory of Ukraine so that [the strikes] do not go beyond its territory,” he said.

“These stupid talks about not shooting at Russian territory.... And regard-ing HIMARS, and everything else. Why have such conversations? Russia, therefore, will bomb the territory of Ukraine, threatening to bomb Poland as well... Have you made Ukraine whipping boys?”

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Yunus believes that Ukraine should be allowed to strike at the Kerch bridge with weapons provided by Washington.


“If you give [Ukraine] HIMARS, why do you then say ‘shoot at 70 km, but don’t shoot at 300?” Yunus wondered.

“You give them what they need, bare your teeth and then we'll see how Russia will behave. Give Ukraine the opportunity to bomb the Crimean Bridge. This can be done within one day. The West has all the military-technical capabilities for this. As soon as the Crimean Bridge is bombed, you will see how the Kremlin’s rhetoric will rapidly change”.

The Kerch Strait bridge is an illegally built bridge across the Kerch Strait that connects Russia with the peninsula it occupied in 2014. Through it, the aggressor country transfers its troops and equipment to the territory of Crimea, and then to the south of Ukraine.

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Major General of the Armed Forces of Ukraine Dmytro Marchenko, who from the first days led the defense of Mykolaiv and the oblast, said that the bridge would be the number one target for the defenders of Ukraine after receiving the promised Western weapons.

Secretary of the National Security and Defense Council Oleksiy Danilov told Radio NV back in April that Ukraine would hit the Kerch Strait bridge if such an opportunity arose.

Later, Danilov said that the occupiers were getting “tense” because of the weapons that Ukraine received from Western partners, and therefore strengthened the defenses of the bridge.

Ukraine received the first American multiple launch rocket system HIMARS, which can hit targets at a distance of 300 km, at the end of June.

But U.S. President Joe Biden highlighted that the United States would not send missile systems to Ukraine that could reach the territory of Russia. Later, the State Department clarified that Washington is not supplying long-range missiles "for use outside the battlefield in Ukraine."

U.S. Ambassador to Ukraine, Bridget Brink, stressed that the Ukrainian side will decide for itself what targets to use the HIMARS systems on.

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