Overwhelming Majority Wish To Continue Working From Home — Why It Matters to Businesses

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While remote work took off during the pandemic, it seems as though it’s here to stay. In its State of Remote Work survey, social media management company Buffer found that 99% of remote workers would like to continue working remotely for at least part of the rest of their careers, and 95% would recommend remote working to others, Recorde reported.

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Global analytics firm Global Workplace Analytics added that, globally, 76% of workers want to continue working from home.

With remote work is an unavoidable part of modern times, businesses will need to adapt to please a workforce that is increasingly averse to returning to the office. GWA’s survey also found that 86% of respondents feel fully productive at home in the United States, and 77% globally. Those respondents also felt that they gain back 35 minutes a day due to fewer unwanted interruptions that come from an office environment, like talking to coworkers or just general environmental distractions.

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While Wall Street mainstays like JPMorgan and Goldman Sachs have publicly announced their return to the office, the nation’s largest tech giants like Google, Microsoft and Apple have postponed their returns indefinitely. A move, the Washington Post noted, was largely influenced by employee calls for flexibility.

If Microsoft and Google are examples of what’s to come, the overarching labor market will likely need to heed employee wishes for a hybrid work environment. 55% of remote workers would consider quitting their jobs if their companies tried to forcer their return to the office, according to research from Morning Consult.

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In perhaps what is the greatest coup d’ etat for the labor force in recent history, workers are now able to take advantage of a labor market so tight that they would be willing to quit rather than have their demands fully met. If businesses want to keep up, they will have to adapt to meet rising remote work demands, or find themselves behind in a labor race where workers are already winning.

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