Occupiers are trying to buy votes before the "referendum" in Kherson


Russian occupiers are trying to bribe residents of Kherson before conducting a pseudo-referendum, offering them "financial aid" in exchange for renunciation of their Ukrainian passports.

Source: the Kakhovka Task Force on Facebook

Quote: "Tactics of the occupiers are quite primitive: Russian puppets are purposefully blocking all payments to Ukrainians, thus creating a humanitarian crisis and simultaneously offering financial aid in exchange for a Russian passport and renunciation of Ukrainian citizenship. Some people have to resort to such humiliating conditions out of desperation, although there are very few such people."


Details: It was also reported that Russian authorities are adding deceased individuals to the occupying pension fund to inflate the index of pension payments to paint a rosy picture in the Russian media.

Thus, the occupiers are inflating the index of financial support of locals and embezzling money at the same time.


  •     Occupiers are offering 10 thousand rubles for each vote at the pseudo-referendum to the residents of the occupied Kherson region.

  •     It was previously reported that Russians have been failing the process of collection of passport details in the temporarily occupied territories. As a result, they are now increasing the scale of bribing the population, thus creating a social crisis and then issuing a one-time payment of 10 thousand rubles in exchange for a passport.

  •      In the Kherson region, occupiers have created an "electoral commission" for conducting the "referendum for the integration into the Russian Federation". The so-called referendum is set to be conducted on 11 September.

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