'No More Twitter Women Or Blackbirds' — Elon Musk Seems To Have Gotten Rid Of ERGs In Twitter Takeover

Elon Musk’s acquisition of Twitter is drastically changing the platform as we know it. 

Massive Layoff

CNN reports that on Nov. 4, the Tesla CEO started laying off employees across the company following an internal memo that warned of the cuts.

Now, many people have come forward with the news that Musk is not just laying off a majority of Twitter employees but also getting rid of the social media giant’s employee resource groups (ERGs). 

Blackbird is known for being an impactful business resource group for Black employees and allies, which was founded by Shavone Charles. 


Former Global Head of Culture & Community of Twitter, Olubunkola “Bukky” Ojeifo, seemingly confirmed of there no longer being Twitter ERGs as she praised Twitter Voices for its work.

“To our forever #TwitterVoices, y’all made Twitter, TWITTER,” Ojeifo tweeted. “The best of what the platform is came from your clever, witty, hilarious, profound, justice, seeking, uplifting, passionate, thought provoking and special use of 280 characters. History books will reflect your tweets.”

Twitter users are currently watching the result of Musk’s actions in real-time as the company’s employees have gone from putting in dedicated work on the platform to now using it to share their goodbyes.

Trending Topics

#LoveWhereYouWork and #OneTeam became trending topics as former Twitter employees are mourning their roles and sharing their love for the work they put in alongside their co-workers.

Legal Action

Once the news hit of Twitter’s mass termination, “A lawsuit was filed against Twitter on Thursday alleging the social media company now headed by Elon Musk violated federal and state law that requires 60 days’ notice of mass layoffs, according to a court document,” NBC News reports.

According to the outlet, the lawsuit includes the names of five current or ex-workers as plaintiffs and was filed in U.S. District Court in San Francisco.

“Twitter is now engaged in conducting mass layoffs without providing the required notice under the federal WARN Act,” the lawsuit read, NBC News reports.

The WARN Act, or the Worker Adjustment and Retraining Notification Act, is said to require a 60-day notice for specific plant closings or mass layoffs.

Reports also reveal that Twitter notified employees that it would continue to provide compensation and benefits, “even though they are no longer working. “

At this time, the aftermath of Musk’s cuts is still an ongoing matter.

As previously reported by AfroTech, he has been on a Twitter revamping spree. Since his takeover, he’s been doing everything from looking to make the Twitter verification process come with a charge of $8 per month to tasking engineers to bring Vine back.