Much Anticipated Treeverse Gaming Platform Raises $25M

BeInCrypto –

Treeverse, the browser-based metaverse gaming platform, has raised $25M in a recent fundraising blitz, from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital, Stani Kulechove, amongst others.

Treeverse recently raised $25M in funds from IdeoCo Labs, Animoca Brands, Skyvision Capital and Stani Kulechove. The main reason for the successful funding is that Treeverse aims to provide players with a nostalgic Pokemon-like metaverse in an MMORPG-style game that allows users to interact with NFTs in a virtual environment.

What is Treeverse?

Treeverse is a browser-based 2-D pixel art metaverse that aims to be an NFT type of social media platform, founded by an NFT investor called Loopify. Loopify started off as an NFT artist, by creating 420 NFT collectibles called NFTrees, which then blossomed into a metaverse due to community-driven growth. The NFTs released in Aug 2021, offered 10,000 private land plots at $520 each, which sold out within the hour. Over 400 Founders’ Private Plots were airdropped to holders of the 420 NFTrees, by minting them to the addresses of NFTree holders, taking the total to 10420 plots.

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