Mike Trout whacked a golf ball into another solar system

Mike Trout is really, really good at baseball. In nine seasons he’s amassed three MVP awards, seven Silver Sluggers, and eight All-Star appearances. And he’s just 27!

Trout’s baseball skill set apparently translates very well to another sport: golf. He was at a Topgolf outing with his Los Angeles Angels teammates over the weekend and absolutely obliterated a golf ball on the driving range. That’s barely hyperbole: Trout teed up a ball and hit it completely over the net of the driving range.

The best part of that video clip (besides Trout hitting a golf ball to Pluto) is the reaction of his teammates. These guys work with Trout every day, they know how strong he is, and they were still completely floored when they saw how far that golf ball went.


In fact, there was no confirmation that the ball ever landed. It could still be flying through the air, on its way to meet aliens in another solar system. If we ever get visitors from another planet and they present us with a golf ball, we have Trout to thank for causing intergalactic peace.

When he’s done with baseball, Trout might want to consider taking up golf. Thankfully, I think we’re a long way off from seeing him on the PGA Tour, and just a few weeks away from seeing him crush some baseballs in real MLB games.

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