Michael Peres’ Breaking 9 To 5: The Canadian leading a new generation of entrepreneurs

Michael Peres
Michael Peres

A young entrepreneur and software engineer is revolutionizing the art of doing business with a system that breaks the traditional 9 to 5 routine.

The system, literally dubbed as Breaking 9 To 5, is a brainchild of 29-year-old Canadian native Michael Peres who claims to have been efficiently managing his two tech-based companies while traveling full time.

Peres currently operates Hexa Tiger and Hecto Fox, web design and web hosting firms based in Seattle, Washington. These companies have rapidly grown with over 400 clients since their launch in 2016.

Breaking 9 to 5 developed as Peres desires for a career that does not confine himself to any particular location or operate within the 9 to 5 work cycle.

Peres, who hails from a Jewish community in Canada’s Quebec province, has been coping with Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) ever since he was diagnosed with the disorder at age 9.

Peres’ ADHD has forced him to constantly engineer innovative lifestyles in order to function in a society that has been designed to best reward those considered as “normal” individuals.

In college, Peres surpassed two degrees -- Computer Science and Mathematics, using a system that shun the classroom setting because of his inability to concentrate in class. He performed self-study and the library became his learning sanctuary.

“The school system was not designed for people with ADHD. In fact, the schooling system is designed to reward exactly what I'm not. Especially when at the onset of education, you are rewarded for discipline, organization and simply following instructions,” said Peres.

Unshaken by these realities, Peres instead devised his own unorthodox methods to keep up with the trends of the world.

Yet another one of his lifestyle innovations, the Breaking 9 To 5 system allowed him to progress both personally and professionally, pursuing his passion for travel while working with a multitude of clients.

As the world transformed from its laid back methods of living to today’s fast-paced technology-based practices, Peres sees the need for business practices to also evolve from what he believes as “outdated business theories and schemes.”

“It’s time we revolutionize the way we see entrepreneurship and business as a whole. Many behaviors and practices that we invest time and effort towards may not be as important today as they once were like having strict work hours, attending work in professional attire or having an extravagant work office. They may be important but distracts from the real purpose of it all, which is offering value to our clients. Establishing deep-rooted trust, offering exceptional services, delivering high-quality products all of which work together to create an environment where our clients have a strong competitive edge is the priority, the rest is all noise.” Peres said.

Breaking 9 To 5 is a replica of Peres’ current lifestyle. From building and registering a company online, traveling efficiently, managing employees from different locations to generating online clients, all are detailed in Breaking 9 To 5 program’s 10-step guide.

Also, Peres’ method of “breaking the norm” allows himself to leverage social platforms into potential venues that strengthen his network of clients. One example is utilizing dating apps like Tinder and Bumble to capitalize on possible networking opportunities.

Today, the Breaking 9 To 5 program has inspired a growing number of individuals to join Peres’ Travelpreneur Movement, which is a community of empowered individuals who exchange questions and support through online platform Facebook.

Just like Peres, “travelpreneurs” are taking advantage of working with passion, free from the norms that usually control those in the 9 To 5.

Peres, however, admits that Breaking 9 To 5 is not for everyone.

While 9 to 5 offers stability, breaking the cycle requires one to employ a lot more time and effort than traditionally expected in order to succeed.

“When starting your own company, it can take months, if not years till you start to see a fair return for your skills or services. You start off slow, and you're severely undervalued. But once you hit that inflection point, the return makes it all worth it.”

Peres, also popular on social media as "Mikey Peres”, has a strong following of professionals through his LinkedIn, Facebook and Instagram accounts believes that his program can attract hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people joining his movement in the next two or three years.

In fact, the software engineer, mathematician, and radio host is getting dozens of requests in his inbox every day from people who are curious about the program as well as those who want to quit their jobs and follow his lifestyle.

Peres’ current business tactic is splitting his workday into 50 percent paid work and 50 percent free work.

He may be busy with online business dealings, but he allocates time for free business consultation, mentoring students of STEM related fields and building worthwhile projects and services all of which are not centred around the immediate monetary return.

Peres spends some of his work time creating resource folders to help his network of individuals in various fields. His resource files on the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT), Masters in Business Administration (MBA) Studies and Top Credit Cards are getting thousands of requests for access from interested individuals every day.

In November this year, the GMAT resource files, which easily became viral on social media, helped over 150,000 aspiring MBA students succeed in their GMAT exams.

Only recently, Peres also released his resource folder on Law School Admission Test (LSAT), and this too is getting ample interests from aspiring law students.