Meet the Black Woman CEO Helping to Qualify Thousands of ‘Difficult to Approve’ Homebuyers

Lisa K. Farrell, founder and CEO of Lisa Home Mortgage, specializes in matching prospective homebuyers with the right mortgage product and qualifying applicants, even when they are considered difficult to approve.

A native New Yorker and a graduate of Rosemont College, Lisa is a Federal and State licensed Mortgage Loan Originator (NMLS 946723) and is licensed and serves the states of Pennsylvania, Delaware, California, Colorado, Alabama, Louisiana, and Florida with other states pending.

Last month, her company introduced its VOE [Verification of Employment] Program as a specialty product to offer a pathway to homeownership to W2 professionals in commission-based sales and service-oriented fields.

Lisa comments, “Rental units were once a practical option. Now that renting is no longer affordable, homeownership is a better way to secure a primary residence.”


Non-salaried employees such as car salesmen, hairstylists, barbers, mechanics, nail technicians, restaurant wait staff, and other W2 employees have traditionally been underserved by the mortgage industry. These people may qualify for mortgage loans through the Lisa Home Mortgage VOE Program. Lisa says she has structured this loan package for these individuals who would have experienced frustrations when looking to secure a mortgage in the past.

“Nowadays, many potential homebuyers have extraordinary circumstances that fall outside of typical approval guidelines, including an unusual pay structure and income calculations involving seasonal upticks and lulls,” says Lisa. “If the homebuyer has been with their employer for more than two years, the VOE Program at Lisa Home Mortgage may be the best funding option to qualify these W2 professionals.”

In these instances, employment and salary information can simply be verified by the applicant’s employer.* Tax returns, W2s, and paystubs are not required. Plus, potential homebuyers can be prequalified if they face credit challenges.

“Difficult does not mean impossible. Our team of experienced mortgage professionals can identify the best funding program to qualify your loan application and our network of professionals can also help clients overcome credit issues,” says Lisa.

Plus, the application process is simple. Homebuyers can use their mobile device and get prequalified within hours. Thanks to Lisa Home Mortgage, homebuyers with even a lower credit score* can be pre-approved the same day. A conversation with a team member is the first step toward a financial solution. That conversation could lead to owning a dream home.

“Our goal is to get each of our clients in the home of their choice. So, if you are an employed professional and your income fluctuates from week to week or month to month, we may have solutions for you,” Lisa says. “We are here and committed to offering outstanding customer service from application to closing.”

For more details, visit or call (833) 835-6267. Also, follow the brand on social media @LisaHomeMortgage

* Some conditions apply. All programs may not be available in all states. Underwriting guidelines are subject to change.