How La La Anthony Hustled From Humble Beginnings To A $30M Net Worth — 'Baskin Robbins, Marshalls. I Had Like 100 Jobs'

Some people may know her as “LaKeisha Grant” from the hit series “Power.” Others may know her as “Dom” from the Lena Waithe-produced show “The Chi.” And if you are a part of a particular generation, then you remember her as a leading VJ for MTV. Who is this multi-faceted individual? It is none other than La La Anthony.

Born Alani Nicole Vázquez, the Puerto Rican and Black media personality is a New York native that started her road to fame as an intern at HOT 97.5 in Atlanta, GA and worked her way up, according to The New York Times.

Throughout her career, Anthony can be seen as the host of popular reality shows like “Flavor of Love” and “I Love New York,” an actress in movies like “Think Like A Man,” or even featured in her own reality series, “La La’s Full Court Life.”


While Anthony stays busy with her range of jobs, her most coveted role is that of a mother. Anthony has one child, Kiyan Anthony, with NBA star Carmelo Anthony.

Family First

The love for her family is the motivation behind her hard work and success. However, it is a personal event from her past that serves as a critical source of motivation to keep going and never stop.

In an interview with Charlamagne Tha God on his series, Emerging Hollywood, the actress shared that her parent’s divorce was one of the biggest influences on her work ethic.

“I work so hard to never go back to feeling like I can’t have something again,” La La said in the interview.

A Desire For More

When Anthony’s parents divorced, they moved to Atlanta to live with her aunts and cousins. Although she says she enjoyed her time with her family, seeing her mom struggle and not having anything to call her own didn’t sit well with her.

“We moved in with my aunt and my cousin. And I knew my mom was struggling to try to get us on our feet. And at that point, I’m like, ‘I have to help her,'” Anthony explained to Charlamagne.

“I was probably like 15-16 at the time. So, getting all kinds of odds and ends jobs; Baskin Robbins, Marshalls. I had like 100 jobs, but I was like, I gotta help my mom ’cause I was like, ‘I don’t like how this feels; not being able to get certain things,'” the actress continued on the show.

Understanding Her Why

Although this influx of work was birthed through circumstance, Anthony explained that she is a hustler and enjoys working. Moreover, through some personal reflection, she has realized that her hustle is also a trauma response.

“You [Charlamagne] put something up on Instagram, and I reposted. It was like, ‘staying busy is a trauma response.’ That hit me so hard ’cause I feel in a lot of ways that’s me as well,” Anthony said to the host. “Sometimes, I don’t know how to slow down ’cause I worry if I slow down, then like, the reality of a lot of other things in my life will hit. So, I work, work, work, and take care of Kiyan.”

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Off Screen Moves

When the mom of one is not working on the screen, she’s staying busy with partnerships like the one she has with Baileys that brought three signature summer cocktails.

Anthony also owns a hair product line aimed “to nourish, fortify and recover hair so everyone can embrace their own.”

Dollars In The Bank

Although Anthony may be reconciling all the contributing factors that have led to her working mindset, she has been able to make her desire to have more than enough a reality.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, La La Anthony has amassed a $30 million net worth.