Kaley Cuoco talks voicing an R-rated Harley Quinn: ‘It’s totally insane and totally inappropriate — that’s why I love it’

Kaley Cuoco is warning you now — while her new TV series Harley Quinn is animated, it’s most definitely not for kids. “I have loved the whole R-rating with Harley Quinn,” Cuoco, who provides Quinn’s voice in the new DC Universe show, tells Yahoo Entertainment. “I’ve loved the swearing. I’ve loved the screaming. I’ve loved the aggressiveness. It’s totally insane and totally inappropriate — that’s why I love it. She’s a badass.” Cuoco says there’s a definite distinction between her character and the one that actress Margot Robbie played in Suicide Squad, although she says she enjoyed Robbie’s portrayal. Just as the Big Bang Theory alum is starring in and producing Harley Quinn, she’s also pulling double duty on the upcoming HBO Max thriller The Flight Attendant, about an airline employee who wakes up in a hotel room alongside a dead body but can’t remember how she got there. She describes her role as producer on that show as “eye-opening.” “The most surprising thing I’ve found on Flight Attendant, not just as an actor but as a producer, [is] just like the behind the scenes and how things just don’t magically look the way they look when they air,” Cuoco says. “Now I’m like, ‘Oh my God, there are so many people that I need to thank, like, constantly.’” Cuoco says the job demands long hours. She credits sipping a cup of joe with helping her to wake up in the morning. “The minute I open my eyes … it’s the coffee time,” she says. “I cannot do anything without coffee. I like the smell. I pick out my mug. I’m really specific about my mugs.”