GOP Senator Negotiating Gun Legislation Gets Showered With Boos At Texas Convention

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Sen. John Cornyn (R-Texas) was hit with a barrage of boos on Friday during an appearance at the Texas GOP Convention in Houston, The Dallas Morning News reported.

Cornyn, who has caught snags while negotiating a bipartisan gun deal in the wake of mass shootings, is helping lead the talks in Washington.

A number of the issues being debated include closing the “boyfriend loophole,” aimed at keeping guns from domestic abusers, and giving states incentives for passing “red flag” laws that would prevent anyone deemed a danger to themselves or others from owning weapons.

His work on the deal appears to have been enough to upset Republicans in his state along with Fox News host Tucker Carlson, who claimed Friday that Cornyn decided to take guns away from “lawful gun owners.”

Cornyn was reportedly subject to remarks Friday like “Don’t take our guns” and “No red flags” from Texas Republicans, according to The Dallas Morning News.

Cornyn, in his speech, said he wouldn’t “under any circumstances” support restrictions on “law-abiding” gun owners, the newspaper said.

“That will always be my red line. And despite what some of you may have heard, the framework that we are working on is consistent with that red line,” Cornyn said.

The senator, who faced boos as he waved to the crowd at the conclusion of his speech, told them he was fighting to keep President Joe Biden’s “gun-grabbing wish list off the table.”

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