Say goodbye to clutter with these space-saving acrylic fridge organizers

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Young woman happily taking a pineapple from inside a fridge
Young woman happily taking a pineapple from inside a fridge

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Even those who stay top on cleaning their space are bound to miss the arguably most neglected area in any home — the refrigerator. It’s a common misconception, really.

From molding foods to your roommate’s leftover vegan yogurt, these things tend to have a special habit of building up or being pushed towards the back of the fridge. And when it comes to smaller items, like sauces or refreshments, they can get so concealed by larger packaged items that they go completely unnoticed – leading to spoiling and ultimately a loss of $5 that could have otherwise gone towards that latte you purchased earlier in the week.

This is where an acrylic fridge organizer comes to the rescue. It lets you store fruits, vegetables, dairy products, soda cans and pretty much anything else you wish to store in cooler temperatures.

Available in a variety of sizes, shapes and designs it can be hard to figure out what to buy. That’s why we’ve put together a list of the leading fridge organizers of 2022 that are durable, spacious and easy to hold and use.

Top Picks

Editor’s choice: HOOJO acrylic refrigerator organizer

Looking to double your refrigerator’s storage? HOOJO’s set of six bins comes in different sizes so you can hold a variety of items like fruits, vegetables, canned foods, soda cans and eggs.

In addition to their transparent nature, they are also reinforced with anti-slip handles – allowing you to transport them without worrying about spilling!

Another plus? These acrylic refrigerator organizers are easy to clean.


  • Six bins offer enough space

  • Non-slip handles for easy carrying

  • 100% BPA free material for safety


  • Not dishwasher safe

Great for larger fridges: Utopia Home acrylic fridge organizer

If you want to make your refrigerator more efficient, you can’t settle on anything less than this set.

It comes with eight pieces, including four big drawers and four small ones to accommodate various items. Apart from storing grocery items, you can put your cosmetics and bathing products in one to extend their shelf life.

Made of high-quality acrylic and transparent, you’ll be able to store your food and see each product without having to worry about removing the bin.


  • Features built-in handles

  • Stackable design takes up minimum space

  • Transparent body for searching items quickly


  • Suitable for big refrigerators only

Most versatile: SimpleHouseware acrylic refrigerator organizer

If you’re tired of searching for things in your refrigerator, we totally see you. Available in a set of six, these organizers include two big drawers, two long ones, one dispenser and one medium box.

That way, you can store away all the goods and not worry about something being too short.

Made of acrylic, they’re hard to break and allow you to keep heavy items like glass jars and bottles. And to add to their transparent nature, the boxes have a unique cut design on their ends, serving as easy gripping handles.

Another plus? You can use the handles to take organizers out of the fridge, push them back and carry them to a tabletop.


  • Cutout handles make for easy gripping

  • The body is unbreakable

  • Non-slip bottom for stability


  • May be too long for short fridges

Most durable: Ecowaare acrylic refrigerator organizer

This set is all you need to keep your refrigerator clean and arranged. Coming in a set of six bins, you can place fruits of different sizes like berries and oranges in them.

Plus, they are also suitable for holding pickles, milk, meat, condiments, soda cans and more.

If you are a fan of canned food, these organizers are ideal for them. The boxes also have handles on both sides that allow you to pull them out of the fridge or carry them to the kitchen top easily.

Another plus? You can stack one on the other to save space and maximize the fridge’s storage.


  • Stackable bins for saving space

  • Side handles for holding and moving them

  • BPA-free polyethylene promotes durability

  • Crystal clear body to find locate stored items


  • Does not come with a lid

Easy transportation: Seseno acrylic fridge organizer

If you’re someone who tends to keep food in the fridge and forget about it, you need this pack of six containers to avoid food waste.

Allowing you to store similar items in the same organizer, their transparent nature also allows you to easily locate the items kept inside them.

Wide enough to easily slip both hands into the holding holes, you can easily carry them from one place to another. You can also stack one bin on another to save space.


  • Made of BPA-free, shatterproof material

  • Stackable design to save space

  • Cutout handles for transportation


  • Not very wide containers

Finding an acrylic fridge organizer: a buying guide

Whether you work remotely or go to the office, the fact is that keeping your fridge fully organized every day is not possible. Things can come up, and in the long run it’s actually more effective to dedicate one day to cleaning (like the weekend) and the days in between to micro-tasks like light scrubbing.

Imagine this: you’re ready to prep a meal for your friends but just can’t seem to figure where you put your butter. After minutes of searching, you realize you actually ran out of that ingredient (and hey, maybe a few others!). Now, you have to run to the grocery store.

While minimal at the surface, these little acts are completely avoidable and can be resolved by buying a transparent acrylic fridge organizer. To optimize your storage, you can also put labels on your bins and make a habit of checking each at least once a week. If a particular item isn’t there or running low, then you’ll know it’s time to buy a replacement.

Why do you need an acrylic fridge organizer?

An acrylic fridge organizer may not be the first thing you consider when buying your fridge. In fact, because many people can get away with not using organizers they tend to land as a lesser-known purchase.

But this doesn’t mean you don’t need one. So here are some reasons why you should invest in a quality set:

  1. You can arrange and locate items quicker, allowing for a quicker storing process.

  2. Since you can view every item clearly, you can discard the expired ones and keep the good ones in use. Therefore, it reduces food wastage and saves time during meal prep.

  3. Due to their material, cleaning is a breeze. So you never have to worry about spills or odors.

Acrylic fridge organizers tend to be more visually appealing than solid organizers.

Things to consider before buying an acrylic fridge organizer


While you can find refrigerator bins of the same size, it’s better to invest in a set containing boxes of different sizes because they allow you to house various items. For instance, soda cans fit well in narrow boxes, while fruits and vegetables go well in large boxes. Similarly, there is a special box for storing eggs.

Buying a set of larger acrylic fridge organizers that are the same size (e.g., long or wide) can also take up more room. So before you purchase, consider checking customer reviews to see how well your desired set worked with different-sized refrigerators.


Some sets contain eight organizers, while others have four or six. You can also get a set of eight if you want ample storage. If you have a smaller refrigerator, you can select from a set of four or have some organizer bins you want to add to.


Fridge organizers have unique cuts on their edges that serve as handles. Make sure every box has these handles. Also, check whether they are nonslip to get a good grip. You will need these handles while carrying the bins or bringing them out of the cold fridge.


Choose organizer bins that you can stack on one another. It will make your fridge spacious as you can accommodate more bins vertically and horizontally.


Some fridge organizers come with a lid, while others do not. If you are going to store sensitive products like eggs, bins with lids will be the best option.


Always invest in storage organizers made of polyethylene, because it’s resistant to shattering and cracks. Don’t forget to check whether the material is BPA-free or not because BPA is a harmful chemical in the plastic.

How much do you need to pay for an acrylic fridge organizer?

You can get a pack of acrylic fridge organizers in the price range of $23.99 to $29.99. But it should be kept in mind that any price point will depend on the number of boxes, their storage capacity and the brand itself. Since they tend to be a one-time investment, don’t be afraid to spend a little more money.

How do I keep my acrylic refrigerator organizers in good condition?

While acrylic fridge organizers champion with their easy cleaning, this doesn’t mean they’re immune to staining and denting. Here are some tips to consider for your new (or existing) set:

  • Don’t place cut fruits and vegetables in the boxes as they deteriorate faster and also create a smell.

  • Never overfill your fridge even if you have a lot of storage. A crowded refrigerator with food tends to block air vents. This makes your refrigerator less efficient over time.

  • Keep your food items in an appropriate place. For example, you should not keep milk in the fridge door but on the middle shelf. This is because the door and the top shelf of your refrigerator are the warmest zones. You can keep other food there that goes well in high humidity.

  • Acrylic organizers are not dishwasher safe, so you should clean them using a damp cloth moistened in a gentle cleansing solution.

People also ask

Q: How many refrigerator organizers should I have?

A: It depends on how large your fridge is and how much food you like to store. If you like to eat fresh food within a few hours when you bring them home, you can buy the product with a minimum number of pieces to store only the most essential items. If you do grocery shopping once a week and hold a family to feed, you need the organizer to have a maximum number of pieces, such as eight.

Q: Is it tough to clean a fridge organizer?

A: Cleaning an acrylic fridge organizer can be tough as you cannot put it into a dishwasher. But what’s tougher is cleaning your messy refrigerator.

All you need is warm soapy water to clean all the dirt at once.

Q: Which items can I keep in acrylic refrigerator organizers?

A: Depending on the size of the organizer, you can store anything from dairy products and eggs to fruits and vegetables. Some people also keep bathing and cosmetic products in addition to soda cans, condiments and spreads.

Q: What is the ideal way to organize a refrigerator?

A: To organize your fridge properly, make sure to keep similar things in the same organizer each time you restock your essentials. Since they are transparent, you can easily find your items without rummaging through the bin. You can also paste a label so that you and other family members know where to return the items once they are taken out.

Since all refrigerators are known to have a warmer zone, you should also make a habit of checking your refrigerator’s settings and organizing your bins in accordance to what’s recommended for each food item. For example, while eggs and spread will do good on the top shelf it’s recommended for meats and everything else to remain on the bottom.

Q: What other ways can I organize my fridge?

To amplify your storing techniques, you can also lay down kitchen towels on the bottom of each shelf. This will prevent any liquids and juices from staining the plastic divider.

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