Elon Musk and America's Highest Paid Bosses' Salaries Revealed

For the fourth straight year, Tesla CEO Elon Musk is the highest paid CEO in America. This week, Bloomberg unveiled a list of the top paid CEOs in the country, with the controversial boss still on top. According to the publication, while 9-figure salaries used to be a rarity, they are becoming the norm in corporate America with over 30 public-company executives with contracts topping $100 million in value at the end of fiscal 2021. "The top dozen packages all surpassed $200 million. A couple shot into the billions," they maintain. Who else made the top six list? Keep reading to find out. 


Sue Nabi, Coty

The highest placed female CEO in the country is Sue Nabi of the beauty brand, Coty. According to Bloomberg she tallied up a cool $283 million in 2021. "Nabi is one of the beauty industry's leading founder talents: a hugely respected business leader with an outstanding track record. In order to attract a true entrepreneur like her, Coty needed to have an enticing equity scheme," the company stated about the top-earning beauty boss. By 2023, she will own about 3% of the company thanks to shares.


Tom Siebel, C3.ai

Tom Siebel, founder, chairman, and CEO of C3.ai, an artificial intelligence software platform and applications company, is the fifth highest paid CEO. According to Bloomberg, the billionaire netted $343 million.


Peter Rawlinson, Lucid Motors

Starting your own automobile company after working for the competition pays off. Peter Rawlinson, a former employee of Musk's Tesla, also scored big in 2021 after unveiling their first car, Dream Edition. The CEO/CTO of California-based Lucid Motors earned $575 million.


Tim Cook, Apple

It is zero surprise that Apple CEO Tim Cook made the top list, seeing as though he helms the most valuable company in the world. According to Bloomberg, Cook was paid a whopping $853 million in 2021.


Robert Scaringe, Rivian Automotive

Only two men were part of the billionaire salary boys club in 2021. 39-year-old Robert Scaringe, CEO of Rivian Automotive, yet to officially release their first electric-powered SUV to the market, made $2.3 billion last year. 


Elon Musk, Tesla

Unsurprisingly, Tesla CEO Elon Musk was paid more than any other CEO on the planet – and made nearly 5 times as much as anyone else. According to Bloomberg his salary topped $10 billion in 2021, primarily due to hefty stock options.