Conscripts from Russia-controlled Donbas complain about human rights violations

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Russian occupiers
Russian occupiers

Russia's war against Ukraine - the main events of May 21

“I want to be heard by someone, I don’t know, by [some organization that deals with] human rights, all in all,” said one alleged resident of the occupied Donetsk territories on in an intercepted phone call to his wife.

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“Crap, am I a slave or a prisoner? I don’t understand it.”

He’s asking her to find someone able to help, because he doesn’t really know what to do under current circumstances.

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“I can’t complain to Russian authorities, since its Russia who did all this,” he explains.

"I can’t complain to Petushylin [an ignominious name for Denys Pushylin, leader of the so called “DPR”], because that’s him who sold us to Russia. I can’t complain to Ukraine – they’re our enemies, because then I’d be a traitor…”

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Meanwhile, the SBU has asked all conscripted Donbas residents to call emergency number 2402 and surrender.

“Well, we’ll tell you a shortcut to stay alive,” the SBU message’s reads.

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“We have a hot line that was specially created for such purposes. You’ll be helped. The number works for both Russian and Ukrainian phones.”

Meanwhile, Russian Defense Ministry has begun conscripting residents of occupied Crimea to serve in the army. Some of the new Crimean conscripts are Crimean Tatars who are generally supportive of Ukraine, said Tamila Tasheva, Ukraine’s newly appointed presidential representative for Crimean affairs.

Crimean Tatars who refuse to serve in the Russian army have been petitioning the Ukrainian government for aid in getting them out of Crimea to Ukraine-controlled territory.