Chad Johnson Is Lovin' It During Nightclub McDonald's Delivery

Chad Johnson has learned about partying on a budget ever since his NFL paychecks dried up, but we'd have to say more people should get on the train of delivering fast food to the club.

Ochocinco hit the nightclub Wednesday night in Orlando, FL ... but instead of overpriced club bites, he had a value meal delivered right to his VIP table.

Bags of McDonald's were seen being brought to the star, and even the bottle service girls were excited while holding up up cheeseburgers.

"Y'all go to clubs & waste money on bottles trying to stunt, i go to clubs & get McDonald's brought out, it's levels to this s--t," Johnson wrote.


Even the club DJ could be heard saying, "some one order McDonald's," while singing the trademark theme song over the beat of the music.

41-year-old Johnson is known for his antics, and he hasn't slowed down since his days of catching touchdowns.

In fact, the former Cincinnati Bengal volunteered to suit up for his old team during training camp, where he played from 2001 to 2010, in order to "preserve the starting receivers' legs."

Continuing his love for the Golden Arches, Johnson said he doesn't need a contract, but instead will take a "McDonald's coupon book from the one in Covington & I'll run all day."

The Bengals faced some bad press after Green's injury, and after fellow wide receiver. Tyler Boyd. complained that the turf they were practicing on was not up to standards.

With Green's status up in the air for the season opener, the former star has offered his services to the team.

Johnson has made appearances in the Canadian Football League and the Liga de Futbol Americano de Mexico since he was released from the Miami Dolphins following a domestic violence arrest .

He hasn't formally retired from the sport but Johnson hasn't played pro or semi-pro football since 2017.

The Bengals have not yet responded to Ochocinco's request ... or asked if he wants fries with that.