Brian Kemp Demands Stacey Abrams Leave 'Radical' Foundation That Supports Defunding the Police

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Photo:  Brynn Anderson (AP)
Photo: Brynn Anderson (AP)

Georgia Governor Brian Kemp is calling for his 2022 Democratic opponent, Stacey Kemp, to sever ties with an organization that supports police abolishment. Kemp currently serves on the board of Marguerite Casey Foundation, a Seattle-based grant-making group. According to their official website, their mission, which encompasses everything from supporting feminism to defunding the police, states:

Marguerite Casey Foundation supports leaders, scholars and initiatives focused on shifting the balance of power in society — building power for communities that continue to be excluded from shaping how society works and from sharing in its rewards and freedoms.

According to the deputy communications director of Kemp’s campaign, Reagan McCarthy, Abrams “is lying about her own record on public safety—a record that is completely out-of-touch with Georgians. Abrams currently serves on the board of a foundation supporting the Defund the Police movement and has profited over $50,000 from the group.”

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However, Abrams tweeted the need to increase funding for law enforcement yesterday which rightfully sent Black Twitter into a frenzy:

She then outlined a plan to “foster law enforcement accountability,” which included raising base salaries for state officers and investing in training for cops. Alex Floyd, who serves as Abrams’ campaign spokesperson, says her role on the board of Marguerite Casey Foundation has nothing to do with her own beliefs.

“Foundation bylaws prohibit board members from approving, supporting or opposing any potential grant,” Floyd stated. “Foundation staff members determine the large number of grants awarded per year. No grant reflects or changes Stacey’s views.”

How can Abrams address racial injustice if she plans on giving more money to an institution that profits from targeting and abusing people of color? Her plan seems more like a ploy to pander to conservatives by publicly supporting cops. Regardless of who comes out victorious in the upcoming election, vulnerable populations may suffer the most.