Body of man tortured by Russians found in Bucha district police

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The body of a civilian tortured by aggressors was found in the Bucha district of Kyiv Oblast.

Source: Kyiv Oblast police

Quote from Andriy Niebytov, Chief of Kyiv Oblast Police: "The body was discovered near the former positions of the Russians. The dead man’s hands were tied with a rope fastened through an iron carabiner to a tow rope. The same rope was also wound around the dead man’s neck. Everything indicates that the man was strangled before his death."

Details: The deceased was found in a strip of forest near the village of Nove Zalissia. He was dressed in dark winter trousers, a jacket, a sweater and boots. He had an Orthodox cross around his neck.

Forensic experts and the investigative team of the Bucha district police department conducted an exhumation and a previous examination of the deceased.

Vadym Chernyshuk, deputy chief of the police department in Borodianka, said that this place is odious, because it is the second time a civilian killed by the occupiers has been found here.

A few months ago, the body of a murdered migrant from Donetsk was found nearby – in the forest.

Additionally: Law-enforcement officers reiterate that if you have information about the deceased, please report it to the special line "102".

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