Belarusians internet is cut off to conceal movement of Russian equipment in Belarus - intelligence

IRYNA BALACHUK - MONDAY, 2 MAY, 2022, 12:27 pm

Ukraine's military intelligence has found that internet connections are being disabled for Belarusians in order to conceal the movement of Russian military equipment through Belarus.

Source: the Main Intelligence Directorate of the Ministry of Defence of Ukraine on Telegram

Quote: "To conceal  information about the movement of Russian occupying troops through the territory of Belarus, Belarusians’ access to the internet is being disabled."

Details: It is reported that full and partial restriction of internet access for Belarusian mobile subscribers was first recorded on 1 April.

Following this, for the entire month, access to the Internet was restricted for entire regions of Belarus south and southeast of Minsk, where the movement of military equipment of the Russian invading forces was most frequently recorded.

The Main Intelligence Directorate notes that it was special services that coordinated disconnecting users from the Internet.

"This way, the KGB of Belarus and the FSB of Russia are trying to limit the communication of patriotic citizens and prevent the dissemination of information on social networks about the movement of Russian military equipment through the territory of the republic," concluded the Main Intelligence Directorate.

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  •       Journalists and volunteers are regularly recording the movement of Russian equipment through Belarus.

  •       Columns of Russian military equipment marked with "V", which have included "Tochka-U", armoured personnel carriers, "Tigrs", "KamAZ", "Iskanders", fuel trucks, etc. have been spotted multiple times moving through Belarus.

  •       Russian military planes have also taken off from Belarus and launched missiles into Ukraine.