Belarus transfers additional 24 tanks to Russia


Belarus has handed over another 24 T-72A tanks to Russia, bringing the total number of tanks transferred within the last several weeks to 94.

Source: Belaruski Hajun, an independent Belarusian military monitoring outlet, citing belzhd_live Telegram channel

Details: Belaruski Hajun reported that another 24 T-72 tanks that have been de-mothballed set out from Belarus on 16 October; they are shipped towards the Ukrainian city of Donetsk, which is currently occupied by Russia.

The tanks have been de-mothballed at the 969th Tank Reserve Base in Urechye (Luban district, Minsk Oblast, Republic of Belarus). The convoy set out from the Urechye rail station towards the Uspensk rail station (Rostov Oblast, Russian Federation) and then on towards Donetsk. The tanks are expected to arrive in Donetsk on 26 October.


"This is the sixth group of military equipment brought into service from long-term storage and handed over to the Russian Federation. Over the course of the past few weeks, Lukashenko’s regime has handed over at least 94 T-72A tanks and between 36 and 44 Ural [transport vehicles] to the Russian Federation," Belaruski Hajun said.

Previously: On 14 October, Belaruski Hajun reported that over the previous week, Belarus had handed over at least 67 T-72A tanks and 28 Ural trucks to Russia.

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