Becca Tilley Reveals the 'Bachelor' Alum She Drunkenly Kissed -- and the Person She Turned Down (Exclusive)

Kobe Bryant's shocking and sudden death has had an impact on all facets of the entertainment world.

It's time for Bachelor Nation to sip or spill -- and Becca Tilley's up for the challenge.

TheBachelor alum sits down with Lauren Zima on Tuesday's episode of Roses & Rose, where the pair play a new game, "Sip or Spill." Tilley opens up about her private relationship and her most embarrassing tipsy moment -- but first, she spills the tea on which member of Bachelor Nation she drunkenly hooked up with.

"I kissed Dean [Unglert] at one point, but it was a very drunken kiss, both of us, and it was not a romantic situation at all," she shares, laughing that she can't remember if he was a good kisser.

The two shared that moment at a party -- "I haven't had any Bachelor Nation hookups at Stagecoach," she jokes -- and when it was over, it was over.

Pre-Unglert kiss, Tilley suffered another embarrassing moment. "A couple years ago at the iHeart Festival in Vegas, I got blackout drunk. I hadn't eaten all day... Dean wasn't around in Bachelor world yet," she clarifies. "The last thing I remember is Chris Soules was there and he was on the couch talking to me and no one knew that I was as drunk as I was."


"I ended up being passed out on the bathroom floor, which was for both genders, and Wells [Adams] came in. He told me he pooped in the stall next to me while I was laying on the floor," she remembers. "So yeah, that was embarrassing."

As for the Bachelor alum she turned down for a date? That would be Eric Bigger. "I was in a relationship, so I just told him I was very flattered, but I was in a relationship," Tilley shares.

The former reality star has been a relationship for the past year, but hasn't publicly revealed her significant other.

"My last relationship with Robert [Graham] was very public, and it made it very hard once we broke up, just the pressure of it. And I decided with this one, that I didn't want that. So I just have kept it private until I don't want to anymore," she explains.

Tilley isn't sure when she'll share her relationship with the world, noting that "the people who I want to know, know about it."I think there's something really special that it's just ours," she says. "There's so many opinions, and people have so much to say about everything, and I just didn't want to let that into my relationship. But it's harder to keep private than it is to be public with it. I'll be honest."

"It does become a little more challenging to keep it private when everything else about my life is so public," she adds.

The pair got together after meeting at a party. "I think it was just an instant connection. I've never had something so instant, like, from the beginning," she says.

Tilley says it's not like she and her significant other refuse to go out in public together; they just abstain from posting about each other or talking a lot about their relationship in interviews.

"It's hard having a podcast where my co-host Tanya [Rad] is so open about her life and her dating life, and then people being curious about mine since they do follow me from my journey to find love," she says of Scrubbing In. "It's hard in that sense to be like, 'Oh, am I letting people down?'"

"If there's a moment where I feel like, 'OK, I'm ready to let everybody into my relationship and everyone can have an opinion on it, [then I will share],'" she reveals.

For now, Tilley is happy to offer her public support to others' relationships, like Unglert's romance with Caelynn Miller-Keyes.

"She is learning to love what he loves, and I think what he loves is very unique," she says of the Bachelor in Paradise couple. "And to find someone who is willing to hike down the mountain with a 25-pound backpack on -- I think that's part of the compromise of the relationship."

Tilley is also looking forward to being a bridesmaid in JoJo Fletcher and Jordan Rodgers' upcoming wedding -- even if she found out she was in the wedding party through the media.

"They're planning [the wedding]. She came out, she found a dress. She went wedding dress shopping. They have a location and I think an official date set," Tilley reveals. "I know there's a lot of details beyond that, but it's happening."

As for whether Tilley has spoken with her significant other about walking down the aisle, she says they haven't crossed that bridge yet. "I barely plan my week in advance... I just got health insurance," she jokes. "Marriage is [not being discussed]."

See more on Tilley in the video below.


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