The Audacity: Killer Mike Compares Himself To MLK After Meeting With Republican Governor Brian Kemp Resurfaces

Rapper and social activist Killer Mike proudly toes the line of being politically correct — although, this time, he might have jumped well over the line of delusion. Mike, legally known as Michael Santiago Render, has not been shy to share his views on each candidate in the Georgia primary.

In a recent episode of Comedy Central’s Hell of a Week with Charlamagne Tha God, Mike ran down his thoughts on each candidate: Democrat Stacey Abrams, and current governor, Republican Brian Kemp.

He began with criticism of the Democratic party’s inability to come through on past promises to the Black citizens of Georgia. He continued to call some of their tactics condescending, including implementing the voting theme, “No Voting, No Vucking.”


Blavity previously reported that the catchy jingle featuring Trina and Saucy Santana was made to get Gen Z excited about voting. The single is included in several voting initiatives led by the dating app BLK.

During the episode, Mike continued to harp on what’s not working for the Democrats, and he touched on Abram’s campaign. His advice was, “Whatever white person you got running your Black outreach, fire them.” The “Go Out on the Town” rapper reprimanded Abrams for her lack of “Black community involvement” and “unclear stance on the legalization of marijuana.”

For every negative stance that Mike pointed out about Abrams, he seemed to have a positive rebuttal about Kemp.

He praised Kemp for “running an effective campaign.”

He openly admired Kemp for his recent visit “to an all-Black boys school run by a conservative Black man down in Albany, Georgia.”

He said that he “couldn’t have been more proud of Kemp’s work reaching out to the Black community,” comparing it to what he saw as a deficit on Abrams’ end.

Mike’s approval of Kemp raises eyebrows because the Georgia governor has consistently been accused of voter suppression and specifically preventing Black people from voting.

After the episode aired, a 2020 photo of Mike meeting with Kemp and his wife resurfaced.


The photo of the governor and Mike shaking hands and sitting down is captioned, “Today, Marty and I had a great meeting with @KillerMike. We discussed how small businesses and the music industry are weathering the pandemic, the value of our skilled trade workers, and our fight to end human trafficking in Georgia. We look forward to seeing him again soon!”

Followers saw the photo op as Mike playing the “Black friend” role to aid Kemp in refuting racist labels.

The picture and Mike’s commentary rubbed some fans the wrong way and caused some to even question his motives.


In response to the outrage, @AnferneeThaDon attempted to defend Mike. 


Mike’s reply to the fan was an analogy that only worsened matters.

Mike’s tweet includes a photo of Civil Rights activist Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. meeting with the 36th president of the United States, Lyndon B. Johnson.

The tweet is captioned, “That what I thought,” appearing to compare his meeting with the governor and Dr. King’s meeting with Johnson.

Followers were puzzled by his attempt to make the comparison.


Like most, political blogger @iamchanteezy questioned Mike’s audacity. 

And @nikkiyo pointed out the significant differences. 

Amid the firestorm, Mike replied to followers who seemed uneasy about the old photo.

What do you think of the ordeal?