'Allen v. Farrow' reveals video of 7-year-old Dylan Farrow describing alleged sexual abuse by Woody Allen

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In Sunday’s second episode of the four-part docuseries Allen v. Farrow, HBO revealed, for the first time, video of a 7-year-old Dylan Farrow, now 35, alleging sexual abuse by her father, Woody Allen, who has repeatedly denied all allegations. Farrow’s mother, actress Mia Farrow, decided to record these conversations with her young daughter after a family friend, Casey Pascal, relayed to Mia a story told to her by her babysitter.

As the story is told, Pascal and Mia went shopping while leaving their children with each of their respective babysitters at Mia’s house when Allen came over. Mia claims that when they got home, Dylan wasn’t wearing underpants. The next day, Pascal said her babysitter told her what she’d witnessed and called Mia.

“Alison [the babysitter] said that she saw Dylan sitting on the couch with Woody kneeling on the floor with his head buried in her lap,” Pascal said. “And she said that she felt that she had walked in on a very adult situation, and she realized it was a child, that it was a child she was seeing and she was horrified to the core. She said Dylan was staring off into space, and Woody’s face was in her lap.”

According to Mia, she asked Dylan if this was true, and when she said it was, that’s when Mia decided to record.

The first video is dated Aug. 5, 1992. In it, Dylan says, “He touched my privates, and then he was breathing on my leg. And then, this is where I mean, he squeezed me too hard that I couldn’t breathe.” Asked where he touched her, Dylan points to show her mother.

It was on this day that Dylan alleges Allen sexually assaulted her.

“We were in the TV room, and he reached behind me and touched my butt. And then he told me to come up to the attic with him,” Dylan said. “I remember laying there on my stomach, and my back was to him, so I couldn't see what was going on. I felt trapped. He was saying things like, ‘We’re gonna go to Paris together. You're gonna be in all my movies.’ Then, he sexually assaulted me. I remember just focusing on my brother's train set. And then, he just stopped. He was done, and we just went downstairs.”

In a separate video, also dated Aug. 5, 1992, 7-year-old Dylan says, “We went into your room [Mia’s room], and we went into the attic. Then he started telling me weird things. Then secretly he went into the attic — went behind me and touched my privates.”

According to the documentary, over the next two days, Mia recorded every time Dylan talked about what allegedly happened with Allen, including in the attic.

“Well when I was in the attic, he said, ‘Do not move. I have to do this.’ But I wiggled my bum to see what he was doing,” 7-year-old Dylan said, “He said, ‘Don’t move. I have to do this. So if you stay still, then we can go to Paris.’”

Earlier on Sunday, before the episode aired, Dylan Farrow posted a lengthy tweet in which she wrote about how hard it was to make the video of her speaking as a child public, but ultimately decided to do so in hopes that it may help adults understand how an abused child might interpret such horrific experiences.

Allen v. Farrow airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO.

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