This Affordable Faucet Splash Catcher Mat Solves One Of Your Kitchen's Most Annoying Problems

There are some parts of our kitchen that always seem nasty. The gap between the stove and the counter is a mystery realm of crumbs and grime that we try to ignore except for when we’re in a deep-cleaning mood, and let’s not even think about the stuff that somehow collects underneath the crisper drawer in the fridge. Some of those cleaning conundrums can only be solved with elbow grease, but for others, there are simple solutions you may have just never heard of before. Case in point? Sink mats.

These handy devices wrap around the base of your kitchen faucet, so that when you do dishes or wash your hands, you don’t end up splashing dirty water and soap all over your backsplash. They even prevent water from pooling around the base of your faucet and then running onto your countertops, one of the grossest and most annoying kitchen issues we deal with on a daily basis.

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There are two types of sink mat to choose from. You can opt for a silicone model, which collects the water and allows it to drain back into the sink. They’re pretty flexible, so if the area around and behind your sink is small, you can still bend the mat to fit the space.

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Courtesy of iGelato.
Courtesy of iGelato.

iGelato Kitchen Sink Mat


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You can also find microfiber sink mats that absorb the splashes. When the mats get sufficiently grimy, you can just throw them in the washer to make them like new again.

Courtesy of Ternal.
Courtesy of Ternal.

Ternal Sinkmat Backsplash Guard


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We always just assumed that the area around the base of the kitchen sink was destined to be a grimy swamp of dirty dishwater splashes and soap scum slime, but thanks to these affordable sink mats, the problem is finally solved.

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