8 Bathroom Trash Cans That Won’t Look Like—Well, Trash—in Your Small Space

If there’s any room in the house that needs a trash can, it’s your bathroom. Between removing your makeup with cotton balls and non-flushable wipes and cleaning your teeth with the dental floss you want to keep away from the cat, these handy receptacles are an ideal way to prevent mishaps, ensure you’re not clogging your plumbing and keep your space nice and tidy. Lucky for you, we dug into the deepest burrows of the internet to find the best bathroom trash cans on the market, taking into account their convenience, size, user-friendly features and design.

What you Should Look for in a Bathroom Trash Can

  • Material: Bathroom trash cans come in all shapes, sizes and materials. Plastic is a solid go-to option for how light, affordable and easy to clean it tends to be. Because a light trash can may lead to a disaster, however—aka easily tip over and spill out onto the floor—a heavier frame, like stainless steel would do you and your bathroom a favor (bonus points if it’s smudge proof). Other light-yet-sturdy options include rattan, wicker and straw, all of which also tend to be sustainably produced. Stay away from perforated designs that might allow small pieces of debris to seep out from the bottom.

  • Size: Chances are, you’re going to want to slip your bathroom trash can somewhere discreet, like between the toilet and the sink or the shower. Be sure to measure the space you'll be placing it in before committing to a can, leaving a couple inches of clearance room so it’s not squeezed up against the wall and potentially scratching it.

  • Lids: Not only is garbage unsightly, it can easily overflow if it’s not bound by a lid. A top, be it standard or swing, is a great way to conceal the potentially private contents of your trash can when guests are over.

  • Step: The last thing you need is to catch a cold (or worse) by inadvertently touching someone else’s used Kleenex. Get rid of your trash hands-free with a trash can step to do your small-yet-meaningful part in making the world—or at least your bathroom—a little less germy.

Ready to find your perfect bathroom trash can? These stellar options are a great bet.

Best Bathroom Trash Cans at a Glance

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1. SimpleHuman Bathroom Trash Can

Best Overall Bathroom Trash Can

This bathroom trash can is designed for small spaces and fits well in bathrooms (or anywhere else space is limited) and boasts a fingerprint-proof finish that resists smudges and stays shiny.

WHAT WE LIKE: The sturdy steel pedal of this pick makes it easy to toss your trash without having to worry about getting your hands dirty. In addition, it’s so sturdy that the brand claims it lasts 150,000 steps—that’s more than 20 steps a day for 20 years! The lid is designed to close slowly and quietly, so as not to awake or disturb other housemates, and it contains an inner bucket for easy trash disposal.

$30 at Amazon

2. iDesign 19948 Franklin Bathroom Trash Can

Best Uncovered Bathroom Trash Can

This trash can might be made of plastic, but at 9 inches tall and 7 inches in diameter, its wide, sturdy base makes it unlikely to tip over.

WHAT WE LIKE: There’s a time and place for a lid-free trash can—like if you live alone and don’t mind seeing your refuse out in the open, or if you prefer to toss your trash in the can from afar, à la Michael Jordan. This simple, lid-free design is convenient and fuss-free. Its painted teal coating will also add a splash of color to any bathroom décor.

$14 on Amazon

3. MDesign Bathroom Trash Can

Best Plastic Bathroom Trash Can

Made of durable BPA and chlorine-free shatter-resistant plastic with integrated handles, this bathroom trash can is plenty functional.

WHAT WE LIKE: This compact bathroom trash can features an easy-to-use design that has four handles, so you can easily move it from room to room, or get a better grip emptying the trash. It also works well for storage for the likes of small items and toys. It comes in two sizes—10 inches and 12 inches high—and is available in 23 stunning colors, from Terracotta to Merlot, to suit every taste.

($16); ($13) at Amazon

4. iTouchless Bathroom Trash Can

Best Bathroom Trash Can With Lid

This can contains a separate inner bin for easy garbage removal.

WHAT WE LIKE: One of the downsides of keeping trash in small enclosed spaces, like a bathroom, is the smell it might emit. This best-selling find features built-in odor control filter that’s reportedly active for up to three months. Its step function lasts up to an impressive 200,000 steps, and its lid stays open with a quick push. It comes in several different configurations (think round, semi-round and rectangular), and bottom pads prevent any scuffs to the floor.

$44 at Amazon

5. Umbra Mezzo Bathroom Trash Can

Best Bronze Bathroom Trash Can

The swinging lid on this trash can makes it easy to toss your garbage without having to manually lift the lid. Plus, it’s tightly secured, so it won’t slide off, and easily removable once it’s time to take out the trash.

WHAT WE LIKE: This bronze beauty (also available in Graywood and brushed silver) is classy enough to turn your bathroom into a place you’ll actually look forward to keeping clean while also concealing unsightly garbage. Its molded polypropylene lid is dent-proof and rust-proof, too.

From ($25); ($18) on Amazon

6. Household Essentials Bathroom Trash Can

Best Wicker Bathroom Trash Can

Made of eco-friendly, renewable wicker, this handwoven trash can is a great way to bring the outdoors indoors while reducing your carbon footprint.

WHAT WE LIKE: Because there’s a removable liner, it won’t easily allow any trash to seep through. As an added bonus, you can buy an extra one for a matching dual-use planter.

Buy It ($21)

7. Novashion Touchless Trash Can

Best Touchless Trash Can

The smart trash lid of this touchless option opens without any contact (not even a step!) so you can stay as far away from germs as possible.

WHAT WE LIKE: You can activate this can by hand from nearly 1 foot away, and it closes after five seconds of inactivity. Thanks to its ring liner, you won’t see any trash bags peeking out from under the lid of this discreet design. Since the smart sensor only works when you’re throwing trash away, it also reduces odors, making for an all-around pleasant addition to your bathroom.

Buy It ($48); ($32)

8. simplehuman Cabinet Bathroom Trash Can

Best hidden bathroom trash can

If you’re seriously tight on room, this best-selling trash can is an absolute space-saver.

WHAT WE LIKE: Because this trash can is mounted to the inside of your cabinet door, you can easily remove the inside bucket when taking out the trash or inserting a new garbage bag. It comes with all the hardware you need to easily mount it and has a durable, steel frame that can withstand a few bangs. The flip-up lid works to ensure your trash stays put, too—because the last thing you need is to have it overflow. The best part? It’s especially sized to use plastic grocery bags, so you can finally make use of that endless supply you’ve mysteriously racked up over the years.

Buy It ($30)

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