$6B ‘Akon City’ Will Open In 2026; Africa’s Largest Hospital Is In the Plans

Giving back to Africa has always been a huge part of Akon‘s platform.

The “Sorry, Blame It on Me” singer revealed in a recent interview that despite disruption in the plans, the first phase of “Akon City” in Senegal will be opening for living in 2026. The $6 billion project, which was inspired by the film Black Panther, will reportedly house the largest hospital on the continent of Africa. According to the “Hold My Hand” singer, plans are still on track after facing the effects of COVID-19.

Akon City
(Image: Instagram)

“It kind of stalled a bit because a lot of partners and solution providers obviously had to lock down, but it didn’t affect the paper pusher side of it,” Akon said.


As previously reported in BLACK ENTERPRISE, original plans for “Akon City” were announced in 2018. Construction on the project commenced in March 2019.

“Now, we’re back on track. Now, construction will start in 2023,” Akon shared. “We still have the three-year window for the first phase to be done and our goal is for the first phase to be done by 2026 to make the junior Olympics in Senegal.”

Sky News previously reported that “Akon City” residents will use “Akoin,” the app-based cryptocurrency, to build the economy.

Plans for the solar-powered and sustainable city will still reflect a “real-life Wakanda” with universities, hotels, a stadium, an airport for tourists to fly in an out, boating docks, a food and beverage store. And that doesn’t include the 10,000-bed hospital and corporate tower.

According to sources, the first phase will be directed toward tourists. Construction will include hotels and activities so people can visit and familiarize themselves with the city.

Akon finalized the agreement with Senegalese government officials to establish “Akon City” back in January 2020. Its president Macky Sall, gifted Akon 2,000 square acres of land to build the establishment.