Irish farmer uses sheep shears to cut hair: 'It just needed to be done'

A 62-year-old Irish sheep farmer who lives in the Dublin mountains has garnered 3.9 million views on his haircut video on Facebook.

“It just needed to be done,” Donie Anderson says before taking sheep shears to his hair in the video.

Anderson cuts off chunks of his silver locks, piece by piece, while he stands in the middle of green pastures. The wind blows the cut pieces of his hair away and carries them off out of frame.

“That’s the last time that’ll blow in the wind for a while,” he says in the video.

Many Facebook users were impressed with his skills.

“He is using sheep sheers to get the job done. That man knows what he is doing. That’s how sheep look after wool harvest,” one person commented.

“You were so fast with those shears… I was afraid there would be blood! LOL. Great job,” another person said.

“Good job, that cutter is sharp!!! At least you missed your ears,” another user chimed in.

Anderson, who is lambing 30 ewes, told the Irish Examiner this is the method he always uses to trim his hair.

“I normally shear it at Christmas but there were bad colds around then … so I left it,” he told the Irish Examiner.

“The weather was warm today so I cut it, using the phone screen as a mirror,” he added. “It’s normally a bit neater. Sure the shears are as good as any and the hair will start to grow back in a few days anyway.”

This isn’t the only way Anderson is handy with a pair of shears — he has won numerous sheep shearing championships in Ireland.

Check out Anderson’s sheep shear makeover in the clip above.

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