1964 Shelby 289 Cobra Offered Without Reserve

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This Cobra comes from the The Cars of Jim Taylor collection.

Shelby Cobras are cars that stand on their own playing field, there’s no other cars quite like it, and there’s very few two Cobras that are exactly alike the next. This particular Shelby Cobra was dubbed “The Cobra in the Closet” by Tom Cotter after it was unearthed in the 2000s, and it makes a great argument for the preservation of historically significant cars like the CSX2171 Shelby Cobra. Being auctioned off my Broad Arrow this fall, this Cobra is a true survivor, and it could be the highlight of your car collection.

We all know the Shelby Cobra story, and it’s common knowledge that most Cobras are hardly ‘untouched’ examples. Many have been destroyed, modified, restomodded, and so on. Unrestored, or ‘survivor’ cars, are not common to to come by. The second owner of this car stored this car in a walled off portion of his car in 1969, and it was then later bought for the sake of preserving it.

While the appearance could be described as weathered, we would say that it just has character. However you describe it, don’t let the worn down seats fool you, the healthy engine fires right up. It would almost be a shame if someone restored it at this point, but if that’s its destiny, that’s okay too. We know this Cobra will go to someone who truly appreciates its history. See it here.

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