10 Lucrative Jobs You’ve Never Heard Of

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Everyone knows what a doctor or chiropractor does, but have you ever heard of an ayurveda healer or a hippotherapist? If you're scratching your head, there's a reason. They aren't common, but these jobs are real and can pay quite well.

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Here are some of the highest-paying jobs you might not have known were actual jobs you could do!

jacoblund / Getty Images/iStockphoto
jacoblund / Getty Images/iStockphoto

Feng Shui Consultant

Median pay: $99,887

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that combines philosophy, science and art. If you have a strong energy and want to help others find balance, consider this career.

Feng shui consultants visit clients' homes and offices to bring harmony and organization to the spaces by identifying ways to arrange belongings according to feng shui traditions.

Many online certification programs provide a path to this career. Those who charge a higher hourly rate and work with wealthy clients and celebrities have the highest earning potential -- in the six figures.

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Certified Ethical Hacker

Median pay: $135,269

The technology and cybersecurity industry is full of good-paying jobs, but a certified ethical hacker is undoubtedly one of the most important positions -- and you likely haven't heard of it since these hackers work undetected.

Also known as penetration testers, these professionals are needed in every industry. They are paid to intentionally hack computers and systems to find areas of weakness.



Median pay: $91,520

A hippotherapist works in hippotherapy, which incorporates working with horses into patients' treatment plans. The name originates from the Latin word "hippo," or horse.

Caring for horses and horseback riding are highly beneficial for a multitude of conditions, including physical, occupational and psychological. Hippotherapy is a growing field, according to Monster. More therapists are using this practice to build confidence and strength in their patients.

knape / iStock.com
knape / iStock.com

Ice Cream Taster

Median pay: $33,452

Do you have a tub of ice cream in your freezer? Chances are you didn't know that someone is getting paid big bucks to taste-test the frozen flavor before it hits the market.

An ice cream taster can be known by other titles such as taste master, food scientist or flavorologist. The schedule for these tasters can be demanding, according to Glassdoor. A taster might have to test sample after sample and assess the ice cream on appearance, smell, taste and texture.

The average pay for a food scientist is $76,996, according to ZipRecruiter but ice cream tasters can sometimes make between $25,000 and $46,000. Landing the job requires that your taste buds be in tip-top condition.


Golf Ball Diver

Median pay: $52,312

If you're willing to take the plunge, you could make thousands of dollars by diving for golf balls.

A dedicated golf ball diver in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, could make over $94,000, according to Indeed.

On average, a golf ball diver can find about 5,000 balls in a single lake dive and sell them for 75 cents apiece. Just think about cashing in on that treasure time and time again. Depending on how many lakes you hit up, this odd job has potential to be quite lucrative.

It's not without risk, of course, as some lakes are home to alligators or water moccasins. So ask yourself: Are you brave enough to take the risk?



Median pay: $290,667

What is a proctologist? You're likely unfamiliar with these medical professionals, unless you've experienced something less than pleasant in your behind.

These doctors examine and treat problems with the rectum and colon. Issues might include tears or severe constipation in patients. Proctologists are also known as colorectal surgeons, and this career is among the highest-paying jobs in medicine.


Global Mobility Consultant

Median pay: $78,229

It's easy to break down the meaning of this job title, but did you know such a role existed?

Someone has to be the middleman to help workers with relocating. A global mobility consultant's job function is to make sure the move is as smooth as possible, whether it's across state lines or around the globe. In this role, you might work closely with human resources teams and outside vendors, making anywhere between $71,820 and $85,371 a year, according to Salary.com.

SrdjanPav / iStock.com
SrdjanPav / iStock.com

Ayurveda Healer

Median pay: $38,749

There is traditional medicine, and then there are holistic practices dating back thousands of years. Ayurveda is a health system developed in India 5,000 years ago that aims to balance the mind, body and spirit.

These therapeutic healers assess a person's total well-being and typically take patients' diets into account, making changes where needed.


Clinical Ethicist

Median pay: $106,559

Does stem cell research and cloning ring a bell? There are many controversial medical topics, and a clinical ethicist facilitates decision making between involved parties.

If you can put your opinions aside and offer an unbiased outlook, you can do well as a clinical ethicist. These professionals help patients, their families and doctors deal with the complex issues that come up in clinical interactions. They offer guidance legally and ethically, and examine each problem with a neutral mindset.


Bingo Manager

Median Salary: $61,733

Usually when we think of Bingo we think of grandma's retirement home -- and not a rewarding career. But behind every Bingo department is a Bingo manager, and they actually collect a pretty sweet paycheck. Their job is to manage and direct the daily activities of the bingo department and to approve jackpots and payouts. It's their duty to ensure that all appropriate forms are completed -- because after all, Bingo is, at the end of the day, a serious monetary affair that must comply with federal and state gaming regulations.

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