Zendaya's Dancing With The Stars Blog: 'I Loved Channeling My Inner Beyonce!'

April 12, 2013
Zendaya and Val -- Zendaya

Our last dance was just so much fun! I loved channeling my inner Beyonce and leaving it all out on the dance floor. I was kind of disappointed in Len's comments because I thought my 20 second solo should reflect who I am, not necessarily the style of dance we had. So when he said he wanted to see more samba in my solo, I wanted to yell out to him, "but I'm a hip-hop dancer!" But of course I would never do that!! LOL

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I really want to thank my fans this week too. They are so amazing!!I sit down every night and read over my mentions in twitter and comments on other social media and I am just so in awe of the positive energy they give me!! I am one lucky girl!!

I want to talk about Val. He SO deserved the recognition to dance on Tuesday night because he is AWESOME. Even though he didn't want to be singled out, I am so proud he is my partner in this! He is like a big brother to me, but also such a strong mentor and teacher. He is fiercely competitive and I love that about him. We watch videos of our dance over and over and focus on all the details to make it better and better. His choreography is simply on point! Did you notice that every week the judges compliment him for that because he is GENIUS?!! I love how important family is to him and how close he and his brother are. Simply put, this guy is the definition of SWAG!!

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Last week Val took me to the USA Dance National Championships at the JW Marriot. It was a lot of fun! But I was also very inspired by all the hard work of so many young people. I got a chance to meet some of Val's students who were competing and they were so sweet. I also saw how dedicated these kids are to their craft... It was really motivating to me and made me want to go back to rehearsals and work even harder.

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