Zac Efron Loves A M.I.L.F

Jarett Wieselman
The Insider
Zac Efron's Controversial New Movie

When Zac Efron was doing press for 2011's New Year's Eve, in which he got to kiss Michelle Pfeiffer, every interview he did focused on how incredible it was to lay one on her lady lips.

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Throughout the press tour, he constantly gushed about crushing on his co-star and, at one point, even said that kissing the 53 year old was "The best part of the movie!"

For his latest movie, The Paperboy, Efron is dipping his twinky toes back into womanly waters as he romances Nicole Kidman's character and while recently talking about the film, the young actor once again revealed that his taste in the opposite sex runs a little older.

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"I pinched myself everyday, especially after doing love scenes with Nicole Kidman. It was the highlight of my life," he said.

Looks like Zac is angling to ensure that daughters and mothers continue to renew their fan club memberships!

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