New York Times Gains More Than 40,000 Paid Subscribers Since Election Day

The Hollywood Reporter

The New York Times has experienced a major uptick in paid subscriptions since last Tuesday. 

The paper gained 41,000 new subscribers since Election Day, which is the largest one-week bump since 2011, said the newspaper. According to stats released Thursday, the Times added more than 100,000 new subscribers during its current quarter. 

President-elect Donald Trump is known for constantly taking shots at the newspaper's coverage of his campaign and has said numerous times that the paper, which has existed since 1851, is "failing." 

The failing @nytimes story is so totally wrong on transition. It is going so smoothly. Also, I have spoken to many foreign leaders.

- Donald J. Trump (@realDonaldTrump) November 16, 2016

Mark Thompson, president and CEO of The New York Times Company, disagrees with Trump's assertion.

"We're delighted to see this unprecedented acceleration in the growth of subscriptions to The New York Times," he said in a statement. "Our newsroom did exceptional work throughout the campaign, and they have continued to provide our readers with penetrating and comprehensive coverage of the incoming administration. The result has been record-breaking audiences and tens of thousands of new subscribers - clear evidence of how much public demand there is for high-quality, deeply reported, independent journalism. We will continue to deliver that journalism, without fear or favor, to our readers in America and around the world."

The @nytimes Adds 41,000 New Subscriptions Since Election Day

- NYTCo Communications (@NYTimesComm) November 17, 2016

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