‘Wolf Creek’ Sneak Peek: Follow the Blue Truck

One of the creepiest films of the last decade is now a TV miniseries. Executive produced by the original creator, Greg McLean, and starring the original actor, John Jarratt, Wolf Creek looks to bring the story of serial killer Mick Taylor (loosely based on actual fact) to small screens in America.

A family is murdered in the Australian Outback and the authorities are unwilling to believe the story of the only survivor. All the young girl can remember is the blue truck of the man who killed her parents and brother and, in this nightmarish — almost hallucinatory — clip, she sees the truck and runs after it. The trail leads her into a strip club where she finds the man, though again, nobody believes her. Still bleeding from a stab wound, she’s certainly in no condition to face the man. But can she convince the police that he’s a psychopath before he murders more people?

Wolf Creek premieres Friday, Oct. 14 at 10 p.m. on Pop.