WME Signs Agatha Christie Estate

WME Signs Agatha Christie Estate

The Agatha Christie estate has signed with WME for representation. WME will work closely with Acorn Productions Ltd, which acquired a 64% stake in Agatha Christie Ltd in February 2012, and with the Agatha Christie family, who hold the balance of 36%, to mine the British author’s properties for television, film and digital media. Christie is one of the most popular and prolific mystery writers, writing more than 80 novels and short story collections and 19 plays — many of which have had film and TV adaptations. Her estate holds ownership of iconic characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple, both of whom have spawned successful television franchises, and also includes an expansive media library. Christie has sold more than 2 billion books and continues to sell over 3 million books worldwide every year. She authored the most popular mystery novel of all time, And Then There Were None. Trivia question for Christie buffs: What was And Then There Were None‘s original title, under which it was published in 1939? (Hint: It would be considered highly offensive today as it contains the N-word.)

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