Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a. Eleven!) Reunite at NYFW

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Winona Ryder and Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a. Eleven!) Reunite at NYFW

Winona Ryder and her young costar Millie Bobby Brown (a.k.a. Eleven) had the sweetest 'Stranger Things' reunion at New York Fashion Week 2016 on September 13 at Coach — see the pics!

Winona — and Eleven — forever! Coming out of the upside down and into the world, Winona Ryder and her endlessly charming Stranger Things costar Millie Bobby Brown reunited at Coach's New York Fashion Week event on Tuesday, September 13, in NYC.

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The iconic '90s actress, 44, and the 12-year-old shared the front row. Ryder wore an all-black ensemble by Coach, including a sweater emblazoned with a T. rex, while Brown channeled her inner Pink Lady in a blush bomber jacket, teamed with a printed dress (both also by the label).

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Unsurprisingly, as Ryder plays the sole maternal figure to Brown's hunted telekinetic child in the hit Netflix series, the two were extremely affectionate with each other at the event. The Black Swan actress not only hugged the British beauty, whose buzz cut for the show is just starting to grow out into a pixie, as soon as she walked in, but also planted a kiss on her forehead. Brown returned the love by placing her head on Ryder's shoulder while waiting for the runway show to begin. An onlooker told Us that they looked "thrilled to be together; they were both smiling ear to ear."

While at the event, the former Once Upon a Time in Wonderland actress gushed to Us just how much she admires Ryder. "Her talent and her drive [are inspirational]," Brown shared. "She is just such an incredible actress, but also a really amazing person."

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And as it turns out, her love for the Heathers actress started long before shooting. "I was absolutely obsessed with Winona," Brown told Vulture in July. "I was, like, crazy — I loved her movies. I think she's just so phenomenal. She's a great actress, and I loved Girl, Interrupted; Edward Scissorhands; Heathers — amazing films. As soon as I auditioned, they told me Winona was on the project and I was so excited to meet her. Everybody says we look a lot alike. I was just very intrigued — she was a young actress and I could just really, really relate to her in a positive way."

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