Will.i.am Becomes Donald T. Rump in New Funny or Die Anti-Trump Video

Ken Tucker

Black Eyed Peas-man Will.i.am puts on a silly wig and zings Donald Trump in a new Funny or Die video called “Grab’m by the P***y.” At the very least, it’s the best piece of music Will.i.am has released in quite a while. (Warning: Strong language.)[[MORE]]

Will.i.am turns himself into a character he calls MC Donald T. Rump, and basically paraphrases things Trump himself has said about women. Singer Liane V responds indignantly to his insults.

The music video uses the hook from Chuck Brown and the Soul Searchers’ immortal “(I Feel Like) Bustin’ Loose,” a hit from 1979. It’s a nice touch, because Brown and his band were key players in the so-called go-go music scene of Washington, D.C. — the very city Trump hopes to reside in, come January. Will.i.am ends the video without his Rump costume, delivering a serious message about where he stands in the upcoming election. (Hint: He’s a Hillary fan.)