‘Wilfred’ Season 2: Elijah Wood Talks About What to Expect

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The slightly twisted dark comedy "Wilfred" stars Elijah Wood as a man who, seemingly, befriends a man in a dog suit played by Jason Gann. Fans are happy to have the quirky series back on the air. FX rolled out the second season in a different manner than they typically do, by launching a preview episode on demand and online one week before the official premiere date.

So mega fans have most likely already seen the return episode and found out what happened to Ryan at the psychiatric hospital, if Wilfred recovered from his injuries and if there really is a basement. But the episode also introduced a whole new set of unanswered questions for viewers to discover as the season goes along. In a recent conference call interview Wood revealed some of the plot points coming up in Season 2.

There Will Be More Couch Moments.

At the end of Season 1, Ryan opened the door to go into the basement where he and Wilfred spend many lazy, if not slightly uncomfortable, days. Instead Ryan found a closet, leaving him confused as to whether or not Wilfred was just a figment of his imagination. Without revealing how the plot unfolds for those who have not seen it, suffice it to say in the preview, the basement is back. Wood promised there will still be many happy hours spent wasting away on the couch.

Ryan Is Working a Lawyer.

This season sees Ryan back in the workplace at his job being a lawyer. Wood said this was the most logical direction for his character to go in. He commented that it made the most sense for viewers to see Ryan out of the house, away from Wilfred, interacting with people and being psychologically healthy enough to hold down a job.

Ryan Gets a Love Interest

Ryan spent the entire first season pining away after his neighbor, Wilfred's owner, Jenna. But this season he will begin a romance with a co-worker played by Allison Mack. Wood described the relationship, "What she represents for Ryan is a sense of normalcy, a connection with someone outside of the immediate world around him and a way for him to really connect with someone that isn't Wilfred, that isn't Jenna… It represents a major step forward for him. But also being in the workspace, it gets him out of being in this house smoking pot with the dog and allows him to grow and to connect with people."

Ryan's Mother Will Be Back

Mary Steenburgen will reprise her role as Ryan's eccentric mother, who makes him feel more and more uncomfortable as he realizes the apple has not fallen far from the tree. Fans enjoyed her performance as the absentee mom as did the cast and crew themselves, according to Wood. The actor recalled that working with Steenburgen was "amazing" and looks forward to having her back for another episode this season. "She just has this beautiful presence to her and such warmth and kindness… She has the right amount of madness and sweetness in the character, and I think she gave great insight as to where Ryan comes from."

Ryan Wises Up to Wilfred in the New Season.

Up until now Ryan has been putty in Wilfred's paws, falling victim to his manipulations. And even if Wilfred has Ryan's best intentions in mind, Ryan is always caught in situations he regrets getting in to, at least at first. He spent the first season reacting to what was going on around him and trying to hold himself together. This time around he will wake up a bit to Wilfred's cunning and is not so easily duped.

Ryan's Dark Side Will Be Just Below the Surface.

Ryan also revealed a darker side of his character in last season's finale. While Wood said that the darkness may not rear its head often this year, its mere existence is a reminder to Ryan of where he's been. He stated, "He allowed himself to get to the precipice a little bit and in doing that he almost lost everything that was holding him together, Wilfred included… But we now are aware of the fact that [the dark side] exists and, to a certain degree more importantly, that is ultimately what led to his initial downfall. It was that selfish activity and doing things that he knew were wrong that put him in the place that made Wilfred come into his life in the first place."

Watch "Wilfred" at 10 p.m. EST/9 p.m. Central on FX.

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