Who's the Instigator and Who's the Amateur? Bachelor Pad Host Sizes up the Competition

Robyn Ross
TV Guide
The Bachelor Pad | Photo Credits: ABC

What do you get when you take 21 very good-looking people and mix in a bunch of cameras, some alcohol, hot tubs and the chance to win $250,000? Bachelor Pad, of course.

Before Monday's premiere, we chatted with host Chris Harrison, who played a little game of word association with us and helped us size up the competition.

Chris Harrison Says:
TVGuide.com Says: She's the first one of the season to shed tears.

Chris Harrison Says: "Apparently over Emily"
TVGuide.com Says: The recent reject is moving on with more than one lady on the first night.

Chris Bain
Chris Harrison Says: "SWAT"
TVGuide.com says: He holds a very important vote during the first Rose Ceremony.

Chris Harrison Says: "Amateur"
TVGuide.com Says: He shows his lack of experience (and strategy) after the first competition.

Chris Harrison Says: "Makes an impression on the guys"
TVGuide.com Says: During her home interview, she says she could live in a bikini year round.

Chris Harrison Says: "Train wreck"
TVGuide.com Says: Let's just say he doesn't make it through Chris Harrison's welcome speech.

Chris Harrison Says:
"Fantastic character -- I love her."
TVGuide.com Says: If you're wondering why she was invited back for another season, watch the video below to remember her ability to come up with snappy one-liners.

Chris Harrison Says:
TVGuide.com says: Jaclyn definitely helped bring on Blakeley's tears.

Chris Harrison Says:
"Our baby grows up."
TVGuide.com Says: No more awkward kissing for this girl: On the first night, she gets her smooch on.

Chris Harrison Says: "Still Kalon"
TVGuide.com Says: His entrance is enough to remind viewers why he was so hated during Emily's season.

Chris Harrison Says:
"Under the radar"
TVGuide.com Says: Ben Flajnik's second choice doesn't make waves in the premiere.

Chris Harrison Says: "He's a savvy defending champ."
TVGuide.com Says: Michael proves that he absolutely knows how to work the game.

Chris Harrison Says: "He's somewhere eating protein."
TVGuide.com Says: Milk certainly does a body good for this trainer.

Chris Harrison Says: "Sweet"
TVGuide.com Says: Unfortunately her innocent demeanor won't help her get far.

Chris Harrison Says:
"The one with bangs"
TVGuide.com Says: Yes, she does have bangs, but she also quickly buddies up with Jaclyn, making a strong female duo.

Chris Harrison Says: "Lightning rod for controversy — and still wants my job"
TVGuide.com Says: Reid hasn't forgotten that he lost Jillian Harris to Ed.

Chris Harrison Says:
"Still a virgin"
TVGuide.com Says: You still won't know who he is after the first episode.

Chris Harrison Says:
TVGuide.com Says: You'll be asking yourself the same question after the first episode.

Taltos Twins
Chris Harrison Says: "Two are not stronger or better than one."
TVGuide.com Says: But they are in the first challenge!

Chris Harrison Says: "He's stopped crying over his son."
TVGuide.com Says: He doesn't get any action on the first night, but that won't last long.

Who are you rooting for on this season of Bachelor Pad?