Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?

Angel Cohn
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First off, we'd like to hand out some kudos to some special reality stars this week. From the receptionist on "Urban Tarzan" who is the least believable "actress" we've ever seen, to Terry on "Real Housewives of Orange County" who didn't know when to let the onion rings go (just give up trying to have any shred of control in that marriage, dude), to Corinne from "Survivor" who continued to talk about collecting "gays" like they were toys from a machine instead of actual people. You are all stellar in your own way, if not quite heinous enough to make our list -- this time.

Omarosa and Stephen Baldwin ("All-Star Celebrity Apprentice")
Omarosa tried to cheat in order to stay in the competition by giving her friend some extra cash to make it look like she'd raised more. Then she was her normal obnoxious self in the boardroom. We aren't at all sad to see her go. Stephen Baldwin is a massive douche, barely raising any funds, behaving like a giant bully to his project manager, and generally being an ass about having a rich art dealer and a "prince" who would have donated lots of money... if only his beautiful art pieces hadn't been sold for real money. He's a big fat liar and should be next to go.

Watch this week's "All-Star Celebrity Apprentice" in full right here:

Gary ("Teen Mom 2")
We don't like defending Jenelle, but her fiancée beat her up and tried to choke her with a blanket, so he's a nightmare. We didn't get to see the fight on TV that landed them both in jail, just the broken-down door and Jenelle's dramatic reenactment.

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All the Tenants ("World's Worst Tenants")
We happened to catch our first episode of this show recently (and then subsequently about five more installments) and feel bad for the trio of "eviction specialists" who have to deal with the likes of the idiot who wanted to start his own fire-filled backyard festival or the gross motel manager who moved all the vents in some old lady's apartment so they'd be filled with cigarette smoke in order to make her leave. These people really do live up to the title of the show. Every episode leaves us needing a fresh shower.

Kendra ("Splash")
Last week, she barely made an effort. And this week, she quit during the show, no matter how much her partner (with a damaged eardrum) tried to make it easier for her. How lame. Don't go on a diving show if you are afraid of jumping in the water.

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Jordan ("The Real World: Portland")
We'd like very much to reach through our TVs and smack this know-it-all in the face. Hopefully, he's on an upcoming "Challenge" and CT or Wes will take care of that that for us. This week, he belittled anyone who didn't aspire to make six figures a year and then insulted everyone that was remotely "poor" by using his definition of the middle class. And the dude won't ever admit to being wrong, or even half-wrong.

Winner: Kendra
Because she wasted so very much of our time. Plus, if the guy who could destroy his hearing is willing to dive and she's not, that's just really pathetic.

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