Who were the worst reality TV stars this week?

Television Without Pity

From attention grabbing to actual grabbing, people were really just rotten this week.

Kim D/Teresa ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")
They deserve a joint entry because while Kim D may have instigated this whole war between the wives, Teresa really escalated it. Kim invited some dude who supposedly had info on Melissa's supposedly being a stripper years ago (like anyone really cares) to her fashion show to create a big stink, since she loves anything that brings her business more camera time. Teresa played dumb about it, got Melissa agitated, pretended to be mad that her brother was coming, and then started a massive battle in the street about loyalty and some other nonsense.


Sophie Tweed-Simmons ("The X Factor")
This 19-year-old reality TV veteran claimed that she wanted to become a singer without the help of her dad, Gene Simmons of Kiss, yet brought her famous parents to the audition with her. She had to have known that her brother was friends with judge Demi Lovato, so all kinds of favoritism would be in play. And if she was trying to be low-profile (which she obviously wasn't), she shouldn't have introduced herself with her last name. But what's really terrible is that she's taking the spot of some artist who has no other means of making it in the recording industry without the help of a show like this, while she's got access to any recording studio she wants and the financial means and industry connections to launch her career.


George ("Real Housewives of New York")
Aviva's being a shrew is a given, but instead of doing most of the dirty work this week (aside from inviting Ramona to brunch just to scream at her), she decided to dispatch her gross old father. We expected George to defend his daughter's abhorrent behavior, but grabbing Ramona's arm in the middle of a charity benefit against domestic violence was awful and completely his own decision. The fact that he couldn't gracefully leave and kept trying to make his useless point was just icing on the cake.


Roxy ("Survivor")
So much for Christian behavior from this seminary student. While she prayed to God for the rain to stop, she had no problem at all selling out Angie for cuddling with Malcolm for warmth and going off on how he's blinded by boobs. Maybe because she didn't think of it first. But in addition to being really obnoxious and harping on it, she stupidly said the tribe should slack off at camp (because she surely did), couldn't complete a challenge, and wasn't remotely subtle about her strategy.


Winner: Teresa
Because she also tried to turn the tables on Jacqueline and make her responsible for spreading lies, when we all know that Jacqueline is neither manipulative nor smart enough to do that.

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