Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?


You'd think these awful people would take a summer vacation at some point, but no.

Joe Guidice ("Real Housewives of New Jersey")
He's a disgusting human being in general, and we've seen a lot of his rude and oblivious behavior (loved his attempt at making a nice toast and not knowing the restaurant that the Manzos own) on display (each and every day) during this RV/wine excursion. But disappearing during dinner to make a "work" call and then referring to Teresa as a C-word is just beyond reprehensible. And then we had to watch Teresa try and screw him in the vineyard, which he should have put a stop to, politely and without calling his wife a whore, before our retinas started bleeding.

Maci ("Teen Mom")
She put her 3-year-old in the middle of her relationship with his father, in the worst way possible. She made Bentley call Ryan and invite him to his birthday, after both parents agreed to do separate parties, and then she made Ryan look like the bad guy for not coming. Don't use your kid like that. Unless you've got the cash for therapy down the road.

Ven ("Project Runway")
Every season there's one jerk who can design only for wafer-thin models, but usually they aren't rude to a normal-looking woman's face. But this year there's Ven, who made his makeover candidate feel fat -- by pretty much saying she wasn't skinny enough to fit his designs or wear colors. And we forgot to mention that he himself is fairly overweight.

Eli ("Gallery Girls")
This smarmy idiot makes his intern Maggie (who has been working there for years) do the most demeaning things, like fold dog-poo bags and pick up random items, just to torture her, because the girl took a vacation from her unpaid job and now just wants credit and a recommendation. And then he is all awkward and weird and hits on her over drinks? It's all very creepy and makes us want to take a shower.

Marty ("Toddlers & Tiaras")
The Vegas moms had nothing on rich pageant dad Matty, who showered his daughter Kylee with all sorts of ridiculous things, including expensive costumes and a coach. He got gross with T-shirts that said things like, "I love lesbians" and "I don't date single moms, I create them" at a pageant with young children around. Then his daughter fell off the stage, and he comforted her for only a minute and then sent her back out there.

Winner: Ven
Teresa knew what she signed on for, the poor adorable working mom on this week's "Project Runway" didn't. And Ven made her cry and made her best friend sad in the process. Not fashionable at all.

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