Who Were the Worst Reality TV Stars This Week?


We almost put Carrie from "On the Fly"on this list for battling with airline employees who made her buy a second seat because they had "assumed" she was a customer of size. "I'm not even overweight, it's just baby." Unless she's the next Octomom, we can assure her it's not all just baby. But delusional isn't necessarily heinous, and she did end up buying the extra seat, so let's move on to people who were really awful.


Vicki ('Real Housewives of Orange County')
If we never hear the words "evil eye" come screeching out of Vicki's mouth again, it will be too soon. Sadly, with a reunion special on the way, we're thinking that's probably too much to hope for. She's so involved in her relationship with the shady Brooks that she ignores her daughter and her best friends' clear warnings. This would be fine, but don't ruin someone else's party. Also, she didn't even ask Tamra about her trip and is clueless about her engagement because she's so self-involved that she can't even be bothered.

Holly ('The Glass House')

She's lying about her education for some reason that we don't care enough to remember, but she can't come up with convincing stories at all. First she claimed she was an art history major, but she didn't know a single artist, not even Warhol or van Gogh. And then she tried being a psych major with her only reference being Dr. Phil. If you are going to lie and annoy us, pick something you can sell.

Julia ('Miss Advised')
This grown woman who gives dating advice to others lives in an apartment that is pink. She owns multiple tutus (that she actually wears, and she's not a dancer) and thinks there's no problem with that. But she got really awful when she started accosting her date and forcing him into an awkward game of spin the bottle. She then jumped on him like she was dry humping him and begged for a kiss. Julia, he's just not that into you. As a dating guru, you should recognize the signs.

Leslie ('Dance Moms)
Welcome back, Leslie! She came in, immediately started screaming matches with the other moms, and then forced her child to dance with an injury without even a modicum of sympathy for the pain. All so she could get her moment of glory. We feel for Payton.

Butch ('Teen Mom')
He's free from jail (again) and is up to his old antics of staying out all night and breaking the rules of his probation by presumably doing drugs or God knows what with his "friends." The only difference is that now his mullet is longer. And if he disobeys Tyler's house rules, he'll probably be back in jail before the next episode. Also, he makes his son worry that he's dead or arrested somewhere. The young kid shouldn't have to be the parent in this relationship.

Winner: Vicki
Bad mom and bad friend trumps deadbeat dad.

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